Luxury Hair Care company, Tosca Style, Makes New Products Available on Amazon

Award-winning Tosca Style luxury hair care products, have been found in the best salons with the finest in hair care products since 1984. Now available on

Award-winning luxury hair care products, Tosca Style, has been found in the best salons with the finest in hair care products since 1984. Sulfate and sodium chloride/salt free, these 100% organic certified botanical products have been sought-after by women and men all over Canada and now are being distributed to the world through Amazon stores. The company has chosen to highlight two of its best-selling sets from their Tosca Style Curl Creator Series, which are suited for fine/wavy hairand ethnic/coarse hair.

Both shampoo and conditioner sets (curly-coarse/ethnic hair and fine/wavy hair) are sulfate-free products using Moringa Oleifera extracts as a primary ingredient. Moringa Oleifera is known as the “Miracle Tree” because of its multiple health properties and uses. The leaves can be eaten for their high nutritional value, or an extract made that has restorative properties for the hair and skin. Historically, women of the Indian and African continents have used the pressed oils that come from this ordinary looking tree because they are known to soften even the coarsest hair and curls. In fact, the oils are considered to be better for the hair and skin than coconut or Shea. Tosca has added this rich Morgina Oleifera elixir to their products because of its ability to rehydrate dry hair and make curls feel softer and more manageable. Use of these products leaves hair looking shiny and luxurious all day long.

“We’ve had a lot of enthusiasm for our products when we have distributed them through Salons,” says spokesperson Jean-Pierre Louis. “The demand for quality hair care products using natural ingredients is stronger every year. People are finding that chemical products not only leave the hair looking dry and terrible but also can create dangerous environmental allergies. Our products are not only safe but also effective and make the hair look spectacular.”

Tosca Style Luxury Hair Care products contain no parabens, no GMOs, no salts or sulfates and are safe to use by even those with the most sensitive of skin. The products produce a soft shine that avoids the accumulation of pollutants and leaves the curls springy and full of life. “Like your body, your hair shouldn’t have to carry undesirable burdens every day,” says Jean-Pierre Louis. “Liberate your hair and leave it free for curls that are healthy, defined and move without breaking up.”

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