Luxury Ethical Artisan Handmade Furniture & Home Décor Online Store Launched

A handmade furniture and home décor brand has launched an ethical online store. Galiatea supplies bespoke items created by underrepresented artisans and uses locally sourced sustainable materials.

An artisan handmade furniture and home décor brand has launched a luxury ethical online store. Galiatea curates and designs furniture & home decor handmade by underrepresented artisans globally and uses locally sourced sustainable materials.

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The newly launched online store supports the company’s social impact policy, it gives back 10% of all profits to communities involved with the brand to help preserve cultural heritage, education, and infrastructure development. Galiatea combines bespoke furniture design, exotic sustainable materials, and socially responsible artisan handcraft.

Galiatea says sustainable luxury means creating bespoke pieces that reduce the consumption of cheap disposable items, instant shipping, and mass-produced accessories. Therefore, all items are unique, made to order, and fully customizable. This approach aims to reduce waste and negative environmental impacts.

Limited edition items can be purchased via the new store. This includes a Herringbone Cashmere Throw from Nepal, Baby Alpaca Throws from Peru, Woven Side Table from Uganda, and Indigo Dyed Pillow Cover from Laos. The latter can be used as a statement piece as Galiatea says accessorizing with pillows is one of the easiest ways to inject style and bring out the subtle design features of a space.

Furniture for sale such as the Lorena Armchair has been designed with comfort in mind. The mid-century inspired chair acts as an ideal accent armchair in a living room or bedroom. Unlike chairs covered with common sheepskin, this unique collection offers an element of luxury as it is covered with soft Alpaca hides.

This option is ideal for animal lovers as no animals are killed to provide the fur, it is a by-product of the Alpaca’s natural living conditions. The upholstered seat has wooden legs and details in brass and ships from Peru.

Customers can also book a virtual design consultation via the new online store. This service offers a 60-minute virtual walk-through, design style questionnaire, concept board, and a list of actionable insights and changes people can make to turn their space into a home. Virtual consultations are ideal for people who have just moved and want direction on tackling their new space or want to refresh their existing set up.

A company spokesperson said: “In a world too often uniformed, each decorative element provided in this collection is designed to be absolutely unique. Those one-of-a-kind creations are carefully hand-picked by our in-house interior designer, from handcrafted pieces elaborated by artisans whose savoir-faire was passed from generations past, and whose raw materials are found in their local environment.”

To find out more, interested parties are invited to visit the link provided.

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