Luxury Asset NFT Creation Marketplace | Revenue Generation/Royalties Updated

The Vorlex luxury marketplace has launched an updated NFT creation process that allows members to profit from their real-world assets.

Traditionally, NFTs have been small pieces of digital art or songs, but that is only the first use they were put to, not the limits of the technology. The Vorlex marketplace has an updated NFT minting process that allows members to sell access to or ownership of certain luxury goods, for a recurring profit.

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The Vorlex marketplace offers members a chance to experience luxury items such as sports cars, private jets, real estate, or jewelry, without having to purchase the entire item at retail prices. To generate revenue with their own luxury items, members can create new NFTs using a simple three-step process: apply, mint, and sell.

No previous experience or technical skills are required to create a new NFT, and there is no cost for membership in the marketplace. The Vorlex team also helps new members to drive traffic to their assets and provides strategies for increasing the value of their luxury goods.

Vorlex NFTs come in two different varieties, “ownership,” and “access.” Ownership NFTs allow buyers to own part or all of the asset, with most assets being split among several owners to lower the cost per individual. Access NFTs allow buyers to experience an asset with absolutely no ownership. These NFTs expire after a single use and cannot be reused.

When selling an NFT on the Vorlex marketplace, users will receive 90% of the purchase price and will continue to receive a 5% royalty every time the asset is resold. Users can also offer access to NFTs, which will allow them to keep ownership of their luxury goods, while still using them to generate recurring revenue.

After purchasing an NFT, members can access their new luxury items by visiting the Vorlex scheduling service and booking a time for their experience. The marketplace also offers three tiers of premium NFTs that allow users to experience a wide range of their most popular assets with a single purchase, including sports cars, jets, and luxury yachts.

A spokesperson for the company said, “Vorlex is a peer-to-peer NFT marketplace that allows owners and buyers of luxury and exotic assets to share and experience those assets globally. Buyers can buy and experience everything from cars, houses, boats, watches and much more, while sellers can sell assets and turn them into crypto producing machines.”

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