LuxMods Announces Initial License Offering for Revenue-Sharing Opportunities

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Luxmods, creator of easy-to-install and customizable modular dwelling units has announced a way for customers and fans of the LuxMod brand to support a company’s initial growth while sharing a portion of its gross revenue.

Luxmods, creator of easy-to-install and customizable modular dwelling units for uses like home offices, yoga studios, man caves and more, has announced the launch of an Initial Licensing Offering (ILO) – a way for customers and fans of the LuxMod brand to support a company’s initial growth while sharing a portion of its gross revenue. The LuxMod’s ILO is offering 1 million licenses at $6 per license, which is being hosted by the Initial License Offering Contract Exchange (ILOCX), a leading platform for ILOs. ILOs are unique because license holders are active promoters and help spread awareness through social media channels, which increases the company’s revenue share. The shared revenue is paid to license holders on an annual basis and in the case of LuxMods, is expected to grow by ten times its original value by the third year. Once purchased, licenses can be bought and sold anytime on a secondary exchange market, also hosted by ILOCX.

LuxMods is emerging as a leading provider of personal spaces using innovative solutions to expand usable space and increase home values. Work-from-home scenarios, new hobbies or needs for personal space, LuxMods has innovative and convenient solutions to transform a vacant space into one that fits specific needs affordably, efficiently and in a customizable way. Unlike brick and mortar “mother-in-law units” on concrete foundations or expensive additions, LuxMods, in most cases, do not require special permitting, saving buyers time and money.

LuxMods structures are built through an exclusive partnership with S2A Modular, the designer and builder of the world’s first electrically self-sustaining, custom luxury modular homes.

This newer model of, “Initial License Offering” provides a competitive advantage in an ever-changing market including features such as:

· Simple License Ownership: Nearly everyone can become a license owner of LuxMods, giving them an opportunity to earn shared revenue and help promote the growing brand through social media platforms.

· Exclusive Custom Brand Options: LuxMods has partnerships with leading brands to deliver customized living experiences to end users.

· Strategic Locations Throughout the U.S.: LuxMods has established strategic logistics partnerships to deliver structures quickly and cost-effectively.

· Proprietary Technologies + Easy Installation: All LuxMods structures feature an impressive collection of smart technologies designed to deliver a new experience in backyard living space.

· Increases living space and home values: The pandemic created the need for more space to accommodate more people staying at home. LuxMods is an affordable solution to expand both living space and home values.

“There’s no question recent events and constantly changing lifestyles have created a need for additional space at home, and we are confident that this ILO can help raise capital to rapidly expand the company while offering exciting revenue sharing for thousands of passionate customers,” said Dean Delisle, CEO of LuxMods.

Edward Fitzpatrick, CEO at ILOCX said, “I have known the key members of this team for decades, so I can say with my hand on my heart, the most important qualities needed in today’s business is in abundance with LuxMods.”

World-Class Construction Designed to Meet Growing Needs

Endless Possibilities for Use: The easy-to-install and customizable nature of LuxMods creates true versatility for those needing extra space. LuxMods offers accessory dwells for use as art studios, home offices, meditation rooms, home gyms, gaming studios, home theaters, man caves, she sheds, pool houses, pet mansions, yoga studios and more.

About LuxMods

Presenting a New Leader in Personal Space. LuxMods is a leading manufacturer of energy-efficient and sustainable accessory dwellings, which provide innovative solutions to allow for more space and to contribute to increasing home values without the expensive added costs tied to traditional ADUs or new construction. Visit to learn more.

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