Luxe Fabric Protection Offering Viscose Fabric Protection in Greater Los Angeles

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Carpet and area rug cleaning and protection company Luxe Fabric Protection have won extremely good feedback in the Los Angeles area. Now they can also clean and protect Viscose fabrics.

December 11, 2020

Viscose fabric carpets, rugs, and upholstery is often at the peak of style. Unfortunately, it can all be wildly difficult to clean and keep stain-free without damaging, the often expensive, material. In exciting news for those living in Los Angeles, a smart, effective, and affordable solution to this concern has presented itself. Leading local carpet and rug cleaning company Luxe Fabric Protection recently celebrated the news that they have answered customer requests and expanded their services. The company is now able to safely clean and treat viscose fabrics with its safe and powerful fabric protector. This news is sure to be greeted with enthusiasm.

“We are always happy to be able to serve more customers in a reliable and safe way that lives up to our high standards,” remarked a spokesperson from Luxe Fabric Protection. “That’s exactly what happened now here in Los Angeles. We are extremely pleased to not have to turn down project that involve viscose fabrics any longer. It’s a win for us and for our valued clients.”

Highlights of the fiber protector’s common benefits include highlights like providing long lasting protection against stains that won’t wash out for years; guard against soil, bacteria, mold and mildew; defend against UV light that could otherwise cause the carpet, rug or upholstery to lose its original color; and much more.

A special Lifetime Care program, as well as a program for Designers who would like to work with Luxe Fabric Protection are both available. Complete details can be found at the company website or can be discussed with a quick phone call, email, or message.

A special introductory offer is available for a limited time only. The company is currently working full time with special safety policies in effect to address Covid-19 and keep customers as well as its workers safe and healthy.

Feedback gets more positive all of the time.

Peter S., from Los Angeles, recently said, “My wife bought three area rugs that have been a severe headache to keep clean. Since I can’t convince her to get rid of them I needed another solution. Luxe Fabric Protection provided it. Five-stars and fully recommended.”

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