Luxe Fabric Protection of California Announces Opening in LA & Orange County

Luxe Fabric Protection of California is answering the call with a special, exclusive cleaning method and protectant that can extend the lives of fabrics of all kinds.

Luxe Fabric Protection of California has just opened for business. In exciting news for those who design with fine fabric carpets, area rugs, or luxury upholstery fabric, they now have a first-class company to turn to, to keep their fabric looking like new. Luxe Fabric Protection of California has locations in Boston and New York, and Luxe is now open on the West Coast in metro Los Angeles and Orange County. This opens up a solid new option to have even luxury upholstery in a home cleaned and treated with a protectant professionally. The enthusiasm surrounding the news is quite high.

“We are very excited to now be on the West Coast serving Los Angeles and Orange County,” commented a Larry Wilberton, spokesperson and partner from Luxe Fabric Protection of California. “The demand for our services is quite high in these areas and we are sure that we will leave our new customers very impressed! We are here to exceed expectations.”

According to the company, in addition to its clients who are homeowners, Luxe Fabric Protection is also happy to be serving Los Angeles and Orange County designers by helping them protect the fabrics of their client’s homes. Luxe Fabric Protection of California’s Nano-technology, eco-friendly protectant makes it easier to care for difficult to clean fibers, such as Viscose and Tencel. Now, designers can feel

comfortable recommending these fibers and feel confident that once they are treated with Luxe Fabric Protection, their clients will get the life span and clean-ability they expect.

Early reviews for Luxe’s latest location have been completely positive.

Chris S., from Orange County, recently said in a five-star review, “I have some nice area rugs in my apartment, which when I purchased I didn’t realize were made of a fabric that is a challenge to clean properly. A friend recommended Luxe. I am very happy they did. The Luxe team cleaned everything and the protectant seems quite remarkable. Fully recommended!”

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