Lutz Home Moving Haulage Company Release Pod-Styled Content & Goods Transport

Lutz, Florida-based Moving Place, a home content and goods haulage service that ships to over 400 locations across America, has released a new pod-styled container for transporting household goods. This new service is cost-effective and convenient with 3-days to load and another 3-day to unload.

Moving Place, a home content haulage company based in Lutz, Florida have released their latest method of transporting household goods – a pod-styled container. With affordable prices and ability to transport home content anywhere in the U.S, Moving Place pod-styled moving is a full start-to-finish service that assists families in relocating effortlessly.

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Just released, the Moving Place pod-styled service enables people relocating to book a truck, and to then pay for the space that they use. This system keeps costs to a minimum and gives families moving up to 3-days to load the pod-styled container. Once transported to the new location, the family then has 3-days to unpack.

This innovative pod-styled system means that a family can use as little as 4ft in space or as much as 8.5ft wide by 9ft tall to pack their goods. Plus, if they run out of room on moving day, they can then buy added space in 1ft increments.

The loading and unloading of pod-styled containers are available 7-days a week at more than 400 locations. Moreover, weekend loading and unloading comes with no additional charge. Families select their dates, within standard transit guidelines, and they have up to one week of free storage if needed.

Federally regulated by the United States Department of Transportation, Moving Place provides the highest bond requirement of $75,000 for Department licensing. Therefore, families rest assured their furniture and goods are safe and secure during transportation.

When asked about the new pod-styled moving concept, a spokesperson for Moving Places said, “We have a family’s load, and we haul policy. This system is convenient, stress-free and makes moving more affordable with a guaranteed price. We can also move cars and other vehicles if needed.”

To find out more about Moving Place and their pod-styled containers, call 800 876 6839 or visit the link above.

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