Lutherville Rhinoplasty Nose Job & Face Plastic Surgeon Clinic Services Launched

The acclaimed female board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michele Shermak, with appointments available at 410-616-3000, has announced an expansion of the coveted rhinoplasty procedures provided to patients in Lutherville, Maryland, after the most natural, perfectly shaped nose and a superior patient care experience.

Michele Shermak MD, a popular female board certified plastic surgeon in Lutherville, Maryland has announced an expansion of the quality facial plastic surgery procedures it is offering patients in the local community.

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Dr. Michele Shermak is a popular board certified plastic surgeon based in the Lutherville area of Baltimore, Maryland, with years of experience helping patients in the region improve the look of their body, face, breasts and skin with a complete, quality range of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery options and the most compassionate, private and patient centered care.

The award-winning Baltimore plastic surgeon has now announced an expansion of the coveted facial surgery procedures it offers patients in the area, including the best in facelifts, neck lifts, eye lid surgery and a renowned range of rhinoplasty options all tailored to deliver each patient a perfectly shaped nose optimally balanced with the rest of their facial features. More details at

The premiere range of rhinoplasties available include the traditional, injectable and non-surgical procedures patients require to meet different cosmetic or restorative goals and draw on Dr. Shermak’s uniquely skilled, personalized and seasoned approach to nasal shaping to guarantee the most natural, customized results and superior patient care from the initial consultation to the post-op.

Appointments and consultations with Dr. Michele Shermak or more information on her acclaimed body, breast, skin and facial plastic surgery expertise can be requested at 410-616-3000 or through the website link provided above along with multiple patient testimonials, before & after photo galleries, valuable surgery recovery tips and details on her welcoming, state of the art offices conveniently located at 1304 Bellona Ave., Lutherville, Maryland.

The Dr. Michele Shermak explains that “our nose plays an important role in our overall attractiveness and the ‘personality’ or character of our face. By virtue of its location, it’s incredibly important to facial aesthetics. That’s why rhinoplasty can be one of the most exacting and personally satisfying procedures out there. My goal is to make sure every patient gains improved confidence in their appearance with the natural, customized results that even family and friends may not notice are due to surgery.”

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