Luna Counseling Center Expanding Service to the Denver Highlands Area

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Luna Counseling Center has opened up a new office in the Denver Highlands, and is offering Postpartum Depression Counseling to their clients. If you are looking for the best therapy and counseling in the Denver area, call Luna Counseling Center today!

Denver, CO – A postpartum counseling center in Denver announced that they will be expanding their counseling and therapy services to more than just one office location in the Denver Highlands area. These services include postpartum depression counseling, unplanned pregnancy counseling, baby or infant loss counseling, and other mental health counseling relating to reproductive mental wellness.

“We wanted to be able to expand our service area to be able to help more that are in need of counseling and therapy, especially during these difficult times,” said Luna Counseling Center owner and director Brooke Vanek. “With everything else that people have to worry about this year, access to counseling and therapy should not be one.”

Luna Counseling Center expects that they will be able to provide both in-person and tele-health services to more people with the second location in Denver Highlands.

By expanding the service area, Luna Counseling made sure that the quality and access to postpartum depression therapy wouldn’t be affected. Postpartum depression therapy in Denver by Luna Counseling Center starts by setting up an appointment with one of the licensed therapists at the location that is closest to the client.

Their team of trained counselors and therapists will be available to see clients at both locations as needed to meet the needs of the area.

About Luna Counseling Center

Luna Counseling Center specializes in concerns surrounding reproductive issues, and provides counseling for events such as infertility, baby loss, traumatic birth, teenage pregnancy, abortion, perinatal mood swings, and more. The center is open to all ages groups from adolescents to adults.

In addition to regularly scheduled counseling or therapy sessions, Luna Counseling Center offers group classes as well with licensed therapists. All of the therapists that work at Luna Counseling Center have either passion or personal experience that has driven them to serve those in need of postpartum support.

To learn more about Luna Counseling Center, you can visit their website at or by calling (720) 903-2452.


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