Lumia Science Releases the Bioptron YouTHron (R), The U.S. Version of the MedAll

Lumia Science Releases the Bioptron YouTHron (R)... The American Version of the Bioptron MedAll, and is offering a special discounted price through Amazon. Further information can be found at and

In an exciting change of pace, Lumia Science, an eCommerce store that caters to the light therapy market will be celebrating the launch of The Bioptron YouTHron (R). The YouTHron (R) ( also known as the MedAll ) is a handheld device that may be used in light therapy sessions at home, in hospitals, or in therapeutic centers. It is reported that this product will be available in the United States by Summer of 2015 and to celebrate the launch of the YouTHron (R), Lumia Science is offering a special discounted price through Amazon and their online store.

When it comes to alternative treatments, the market lives in a space where most competitors offer similar products that are usually over-priced and provide unproven results. They fail to cause much of a stir because consumers are afraid to risk the amount of money it cost to purchase the product. Lumia Science has opted to be a little more understanding with its Bioptron YouTHron (R) launch.

An Associate at Lumia Science, says: “We wanted to be different than our competitors with our new Bioptron YouTHron (R) launch. This is the first time this product will be available in the United States and we decided to offer a major savings on the Bioptron YouTHron (R) to introduce this new product to the U.S. It is a worthwhile product and we’re hoping the discounted price will make our product available to more U.S. consumers and will be a vehicle in growing awareness for light therapy products and treatments.”

Lumia Science has always thrived on the idea of standing out and making light therapy well known. The reduced price will help those individuals who are curious about light treatment experience the product and its benefits without a large introductory price tag. This launch and price reduction is just one of the many ways Lumia Science stays dedicated to serving the light therapy industry.

When asked about the Bioptron YouTHron (R), an Associate said: “We know this new light therapy product is going to be a real hit because consumers will love its modern and ergonomically pleasing design. Also, this new design offers its own custom fit floor stand and larger filters, which will provide a 65% bigger treatment area than previous models.”

The Bioptron YouTHron (R) is currently available for purchase in the United States. To find out more or to purchase, please visit the company’s Amazon page:

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