Lumbar Back Support Critical in Maintaining Good Posture, Comments Brand

Recent reports show that millions of people have bad posture, affecting their daily lives. Xtreme Comforts, the brand behind a popular lumbar support pillow, agrees.

According to a recent Canadian report, most individuals have bad posture, significantly affecting daily activities. Xtreme Comforts, the brand behind premium quality comfort products- including a lumbar back support pillow- agrees that maintaining good posture is critical in keeping up with back health now and in the future.

“We have designed comfort products over the last several years in an attempt to combat lumbar support issues,” says Karen Barr, spokesperson for the company. “Tailbone pain and back pain affects millions of individuals, and studies show that using a device like a lumbar support pillow can help immensely in eliminating this pain. We want more people living their lives comfortably, not in pain!”

The Xtreme Comforts’ lumbar pillow is ergonomically designed to help reduce back pain and promote pain relief and healthy spinal alignment. Reducing pressure points and improving blood circulation, it can drastically improve one’s posture, says Barr.

“Those who suffer from herniated discs, sciatica, arthritis and even scoliosis can benefit hugely by using a simple memory foam back support cushion like this. If you sit at a desk for work, it’s an easy way to keep your back and posture in check for those long hours seated. Even pregnant women can suffer significantly from back pain with the extra weight they are carrying, and using a simple lumbar support pillow can help improve their daily living and activities immensely.”

The Xtreme Comforts memory foam back support cushion is constructed of premium quality, deluxe body active and therapeutic, 100% pure memory foam. The company says this memory foam conforms to the user’s body for optimal support. In addition, the pillow contains a hypoallergenic bamboo zippered removable cover that is machine washable and breathable. This is ideal for those who tend to overheat and worry about extra sweat on their backs when using pillows like these, says Barr.

For more information about the company’s line of comfort products, visit the Xtreme Comforts’ official website.


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