Ludy’s Kitchen Honors Mothers For Their Role In Keeping The Family Together

In celebration of Mother's Day, Ludy's Kitchen is honoring moms for their role in keeping the family together. Ludy's Kitchen acknowledges the hard work and dedication of mothers who do their best to get their families to eat wholesome and nutritious meals.

From May 1 to 8, customers can enjoy a 30% discount on the Ludy’s Kitchen Silicone Baking Mats – a product that has been earning great reviews on Amazon because of its versatility as an innovative kitchen tool. The promo is open not just for moms, but also for everyone who may want to buy non-stick baking mats to give away as a Mother’s Day present.

Though Ludy’s Kitchen just celebrated its first anniversary in March, the company has established a stable client base comprised of both professional and home bakers. With over 4,500 silicone baking mats delivered in various parts of the world for the past months, more and more customers are commending how Ludy’s Kitchen’s premier product has proved useful to them in the kitchen.

“They are wonderful, fit our oven & are sturdy enough to use as baking sheets,” Lynda Breeze, an Amazon customer, wrote in her review of the silicone baking mats. “They clean up wonderfully and do everything as promised. Of course when used on a baking sheet they eliminate the mess I also use them to roll out doughs and for raising bread. Great, well worth the price.”

Marcelinos Pte. Ltd., the company behind Ludy’s Kitchen, is determined to continue its achievements over the past year. Upon seeing customers’ positive response towards Ludy’s Kitchen silicone mats, the company is gearing up to launch new high-quality products this year.

“Our motto is ‘family bonding at the dining table, enjoying home-cooked food’ and we’ll continue to promote this via our products,” Manolo L. Fetalvero, Managing Director of Marcelinos Pte. Ltd. said in a statement for Ludy’s Kitchen’s anniversary.

Though Ludy’s Kitchen is yet to reveal details about the new kitchenware that it will be launching on the market this 2016, customers could only expect the best from Marcelinos Pte. Ltd., which prides itself in promoting healthy eating.

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