Lucrative Home Business Report Released by Passive Workday reveals 97 Home Business Opportunities

Lucrative home business free report released explaining the facts on starting a home business. The report provided by Passive Workday, details 97 Ways to make $100 per Day. People interested in starting an internet based business will find strategies and resources for getting started.

Passive Workday released their free report today: 97 Ways to make $100 per Day. This report reveals 97 ways to start a lucrative home based business and the resources for getting started in any number of the chosen ventures.

The report can be downloaded free at

Passive Workday owner, Brian Laguna says for too long people have been in the dark on the costs and problems associated with starting an Internet based business from their home. This report helps to open the curtains on the industry and give regular people the facts on starting a lucrative home business, that they won’t find elsewhere.

Some of the home business ideas presented in this report maybe well known to the general public already, such as opportunities utilizing Facebook or eBay.  But the report lists many potential income streams that are little known.  And as a result, will have little in the way of competition.

On such example are virtual assistant jobs.  The opportunities exist on a number of freelance websites.  The report lists a number of such sites that are free to join.

The experience, skill set and qualifications will vary depending on the specific position sort. However, Passive Workday confirms that there are new opportunities posted everyday and that many employers will train their newly hired virtual staff.

When asked about the qualification requirements, Brian Laguna had this to say, “People interested in this type of opportunity should not be intimidated.  Of course, you need to go after positions for which you can do the job.  But remember, there are so many businesses looking for people to do things that are not terribly complicated, but do take time, so it’s a win-win”.

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