Luan Henrique 2016 FB Auto Facebook Automated Content Manager Software Announced

Luan Henrique, an internet marketing specialist, announced FB Auto, a software that allows its user to schedule and post marketing content on Facebook. The software is cloud-based and allows the creation and custom distribution of text, video, links and other types of marketing content.

Luan Henrique, a digital marketing specialist, announced FB Auto, a new software that allows its users to schedule and post marketing content on Facebook. The software will launch officially on January 8.

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The importance of social networks for internet marketing has grown considerably over the past years, as social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter have reached wider and wider audiences throughout the world. Reports show that roughly 80% of all clients have used social media networks to decide which online and offline services to use, with about 40% of Facebook users liking brand pages to get suggestions on products and services.

Understandably, businesses have invested massive funds in social media advertising campaigns, in an effort to increase their online visibility and connect with more clients. However, paid ads are increasingly distrusted by most online users, almost 90% of which claim that they do not trust businesses which employ aggressive ad strategies.

One alternative is to focus on direct content marketing, thus promoting the target business or website naturally via social pages, groups and other networks.

FB Auto is an automated Facebook marketing software, allowing its users to create and schedule Facebook business-client interactions and content marketing campaigns.

The software is cloud-based, so it does not require any installation or hard disk space. The platform only requires the user’s Facebook account, and the dashboard allows the user to conveniently schedule a number of different Facebook actions.

FB Auto allows its user to create text posts, links, image and video album posts, as well as marketing slideshows, and schedule when and how often they are posted. By allowing the user to select the pages and groups on which the user-generated content appears, it creates the possibility to generate targeted content distribution, thereby increasing the efficiency of the marketing efforts.

FB Auto will be officially launched on January 8.

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