LSR Injection Machine Manufacturer Launches New Website

Leading LSR injection machine machine manufacturer, Guangzhou Tianyuan Rubber Products Co., Ltd, announces the launch of their new website.

From baby products to medical products as well as many consumer goods, silicone and rubber are used quite frequently in many of these items. In order to get precision detail, especially in smaller items, a special mold and machine are necessary. A LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) injection molding machine is the industry standard and one that Tianyuan Rubber Products Co., Ltd., has specialized in for many years. Since it was established in 2000, the company has constantly improved the technology to remain a consistent leader for these types of machines. The LSR injection molding field is highly specialized and most of the potential prospects for the purchase of these types of machines require intimate knowledge of the processes necessary to output quality goods.  The founders of Tianyuan Rubber Products Company realized the lack of available education online regarding the field, needed to be addressed. Thus was the inspiration of their new website which can be found at

“Whenever someone comes to visit the factory, they are always amazed at the process of the creation of these silicone items so we wanted to capture that curiosity and package it in a way that can be consumed online so as to reach more of our potential customers”, states Mandy Lin, sales manager at Tianyuan Rubber Products Company. She goes on further to say, “We fully understand the ever growing interactive nature of the internet with the consistent growth of popular social media platforms so we wanted to make sure we stay as current as we can while incorporating all of these elements that are expected of any large company like ours.”

The website clearly focuses on providing relevant information to the consumer while not sounding overly technical like those of their competitors. Specifications are listed alongside the machines that are featured on the website, and the accompanying images also highlight the various things that can be made with it. This pairing is an obvious element which surprisingly is not commonplace in the industry. These details plus much more are all part of the ever growing online plan for Tianyuan Rubber Products Company and why they are considered a leader in the injection molding machine industry.

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Name: Mandy Lin
Phone: 86-20-34860131
Organization: Guangzhou Tianyuan Rubber Products Co., Ltd.

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