LS1 Dental Reveals New Case Study On Broken Tooth

Break a tooth and you'll wait on average a minimum of two weeks to get it repaired. The CEREC case study highlights new ways of fixing teeth, whether its a Veneer, broken tooth or a replacement crown.

CEREC For Fixing Broken Teeth, Crowns and Veneers

LS1 Dental revealed their new case study today on Broken Tooth. This case study demonstrates that Fast Crown Repair in less than 2 hours.

Once upon a time a broken a tooth or lost a crown/ cap … would mean a visit the dentist who would diagnose the problem, discuss the options then arrange an appointment for a crown preparation at the end of which a temporary crown would be placed, then 5 to 7 working days later return to have a permanent crown fitted. So in total about three appointments over 2 weeks! This in busy lives can be extremely difficult to fit in

This is the case study of how LS1 Dental Leeds can offer a same day service for broken tooth/ lost or broken crown using revolutionary ceramic reconstruction system

Tom was at work enjoying his lunch , when he heard the dreaded crunch not of his chicken baguette but of his tooth … instant panic set in as he had important meetings all week , with a extremely tight schedule.

He made a call to LS1 Dental Leeds , to explain his current dilemma … to his amazement the reception team informed him that they offer CEREC treatment , that could fix his broken tooth in just one appointment – the team also worked with his schedule and fitted him in on an early appointment before work – so no calls to the boss requesting leave required.

Tom arrived the next day to LS1 Dental to begin his CEREC / Same day crown treatment : he was in the dental chair for less than 40 minutes while the dentist prepared his tooth and designed his new Cerec crown .Tom then got to relax reception while his CEREC crown was made on site by the milling unit – Once his new crown was made Tom was asked to come back into the surgery for a brief 20 minutes while his crown was placed, checked , fitted. Tom was shown his new crown in the mirror , he was over the moon with the new crown and could not believe that his broken tooth had been restored in less than a day and within just 2 hours at LS1 Dental Leeds.

The case study also made it obvious that CEREC and advancement in repairing broken teeth is the way forward.

LS1 Dental owner Mr Arminder Hare says there are many people looking for insights and answers about Broken Tooth. This case study reveals in a practical way what’s possible with the right information and guidance.

One Visit; No Need for multiple dental appointments, no extra time off work needed, treatment complete in just appointment

No temporary restorations; As the final restoration placed on the day

No dental impressions; As 3D imagery used, so a much more comfortable and precise recording for the patient

Mercury Free; Great way to replace old Mercury fillings to a metal free biocompatible alternative

Extremely strong and long last lasing

A conservative approach to treatment; Versus other conventional options

Experienced Dental tea; Providing the highest level of patient care during and after treatment

The case study is available at

About LS1 Dental

LS1 Dental was founded in 2000 and serves the Dentist industry. It is known for innovative techniques for repairing Broken Teeth and Crowns.

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