Low-Investment Supplemental Income Opportunities – Best Jobs Report Released

Crucial Constructs Academy, a leading freelance and entrepreneurial education provider, has released a report highlighting four flexible and low-investment supplemental income opportunities.

Crucial Constructs Academy, a website specializing in online entrepreneurial education, has released an updated report featuring the top employment opportunities that only require a smartphone. The report explains how individuals can start a side job with no capital investment and provides advice on maintaining a second job.

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According to the Harvard Business Review, over 43 million people in the United States supplement their income with side hustles. With the latest announcement, Crucial Constructs Academy helps individuals find a supplemental job that meets their financial and time constraints.

In this report, readers will find a list of four side hustles that need minimal initial investment. These include dog walking or pet care, personal shopping services, stock photography, and renting out unused household space or items. In particular, the report explains that individuals only need a phone to access these opportunities; platforms like Shutterstock, Airbnb, Instacart, and BabyQuip handle the transaction process. These options also require little time commitment — ideal for individuals remaining at their full-time job.

The report also features advice from Steve Lee, a successful blogger, and entrepreneur. In 2017, Steve quit his job as a lawyer to pursue his side hustles. He highlights the need for patience, as secondary jobs take time to develop, and recommends that individuals don’t compromise their full-time jobs or personal lives. Critically, the report explains that the best side hustles allow individuals to express creativity and enjoy their work.

Crucial Constructs Academy understands the importance of supplemental income and financial freedom. They also know that most readers are hesitant to invest heavily in a side hustle. To this end, the report features opportunities with low startup costs.

With the latest release, the company continues to help burgeoning freelance professionals and entrepreneurs begin their business journeys.

Lead by marketing professional Ashley Wells, Crucial Constructs Academy has extensive experience growing small businesses. The academy has developed a simple and direct teaching style.

A satisfied client said, “Their classes have lots of important information, and the articles are great. I am bookmarking them for future reference and consultation. Many thanks for sharing — I love watching the videos.”

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