Lovers of Adult Romance Books Get A New Year Treat With January Giveaway

'Books to Set Your e-Reader On Fire' Offers 129 Free Books For Adult Romance Readers. Titles include 'Breaking In', the fourth book in C J Harvey's 'Breaking Free' Series, a Clean Romance edition.

Adult Romance Readers can choose from a hundred authors this January with compelling Adult Romance Novels available for free.

Books to Set Your e-Reader On Fire has gone live on Jan 1st for fans of Adult Romance with 129 books on offer.

These books are designed to get your pulse racing with ripping stories, ripped muscles, romance and steamy tales.

Authors are offering great stories with drama, love and a sensual side, such as C J Harvey’s ‘Breaking In’, an Adult Romance where Mary Louise – Guest Relations Manager in Barbados – continues her dramatic on and off romance with the awkward but compelling billionaire Harry Langton.

This is the fourth book in Mr Harvey’s ‘Breaking Free’ series, a series inspired by the true story of a close friend of the author. The book’s treatment is softer and (almost entirely) fictional. It’s entertainment, but it’s also a story of hope, offering a testament that it is indeed possible to escape the most difficult relationships and find true love. Mr Harvey has a lifetime’s experience in everything from finance and money (useful for the billionaire romance part), to tech, flying, new age and adventure. He shares that life with a beautiful woman who became his wife a decade ago in a tale of luck, good fortune, romance and adventure all its own.

Their story helped shape the creation of the Breaking Free series. It is their mutual friend who escaped an eleven year abusive relationship to find true love. Even then, the friend had to go to court to get the toxic individual out of their lives. The Breaking Free series is softer and focused on fun and the drama of the new love, but the shadow of that history is right there in the pages.

When asked about why he wrote the book, C J Harvey said:

“To entertain primarily, to set the blood racing with both a realistic, awkward but fun romance, genuine and sensual encounters, but with an edge. It’s Romance for off-roaders.”

C J Harvey hopes that beyond enjoying the Breaking Free series, just maybe readers will find a touch of inspiration. Finding true love, even when older, and escaping dire situations are both possible.

“Our beta-readers loved the book, but our friend struggled, finding the story too familiar. She’ll write her own tale one day perhaps, and it will be gripping, with a far more difficult background. We didn’t want a misery book however: this is for fun, entertainment, and pleasure, with just a hint of dark and serious.”

The story of a book is much more than just an author writing, says C J Harvey: “Beta-readers and ARC readers are an invaluable part of creating a compelling read. It’s not enough to generate a book they like. They have to love it and crave more. Hopefully the effort they and we’ve put in makes for a smoother and more compelling read. We’re always delighted to hear from readers, particularly early readers of draft and beta-releases, who can ensure that bumpy doesn’t go off the road entirely!”

As to who C J Harvey would particularly like to thank:

“To a woman who came into my life late in both our lives, and where the most common phrase we’ve uttered has been ‘it’s so easy’, with a close second being: ‘we’re lucky’. We’d happily wish others the same luck.”

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