Love the Life you Live Empowerment Bracelet Support International Women’s Day

Female-owned Baubelle jewelry offer support for women on International Women’s Day with inspiring message on “Love the Life you Live” bracelet.

Baubelle jewelry, a woman-owned fashion bracelet line, wants supporters of International Women’s Day to know where to buy a gift for women that empowers, inspires, and build confidence. March 8 is International Women’s Day, an event meant to bring awareness to gender inequality and inspire action with the theme #BeBoldforChange. The day is a time to honor, buy a gift, offer gratitude, and deliver support to all the women across the globe for their social, cultural, and economic contributions.

“As the woman business owner of Baubelle jewelry, I fully support the change that International Women’s Day is seeking to make,” said Founder CEO Sarah Evren. “The theme of #BeBoldforChange is so great because it can be executed in a huge variety of ways. We can all be bold for change in our actions – whether it be daily actions like to say thank you, buy a gift, send words of encouragement – or broader acts of change like contacting representatives, doing charity work, or campaigning for representatives. Baubelle wants to be a part of the change by offering strong words of empowerment in our jewelry.”

The theme for 2017 International Women’s Day is #BeBoldforChange. Women – and men and non-binary allies – are encouraged to show their support of gender equality and women’s rights issues through empowered action. One way to pledge to take bold action like the items International Women’s Day outlined on its website: challenge bias and inequality, campaign against violence, forge women’s advancement, celebrate women’s achievement, and champion women’s education. Baubelle hopes to support the bold action with its words of empowerment engraved on each bracelet – giving women the daily reminder of their own power. Supporters can use the Baubelle bracelets to buy a gift that shows support and offers real female empowerment to the wearer.

Baubelle’s bracelet, “Love the Life You Live,” reminds the wearer to embrace each moment and live fully. To enjoy life to fullest, it’s important to do things of value including supporting causes like International Women’s Day. A life of purpose is a life well lived is an anecdote that Baubelle believes in.

All of Baubelle’s bracelets are 18k real gold-plated and hypoallergenic to allow for any woman to wear them with confidence. The real power of a Baubelle bracelet comes in the engraved messages on each one. “Love the Life You Live” is a daily, consistent reminder to embrace each day to the fullest and – in the case of International Women’s Day – use that life to do good. To find out more about Baubelle bracelets, visit or Baubelle’s online store.

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