Love Movement Apparel For Change And Unity T-Shirt Social Campaign Launched

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A range of slogan apparel and accessories has been launched in recognition of global challenges being faced, to bring people together through the message ‘Love is the Driving Force of Existence.’

A new range of slogan t-shirts, apparel and other accessories has been launched conveying the message ‘Love is the Driving Force of Existence’ in a bid to create a movement that brings individuals together and promotes unity on a global scale.

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The newly launched range of slogan apparel and accessories has been designed and created by Canada-based companies Rule Your Reality and Sound Bath Spa. The movements slogan states, ‘Love is the Driving Force of Existence’ in a bid to capture the hearts and minds of humanity to create a better world for future generations.

The announcement comes as the creators are aware that the time to be a part of something big may be fast approaching – something that has the power to change the world and unite people in a positive shift for generations to come. When the world is in dire need of change, many can feel powerless. Two fledgling companies are now presenting a movement that gives each individual the opportunity to be a part of that change and reminds them and others about the things that are truly important.

Challenging times can cause divisions, but they can also bring people together. The movement put forward by Rule Your Reality and Sound Bath Spa has love at its heart and aims to inspire others to rise and boldly join so they too can represent this movement.

Sound Bath Spa and Rule Your Reality believes that it is important to acknowledge the role of passion and love as the crucial factors behind humanity’s progress.

In the words of the founder of Rule Your Reality, “It is our love for our families, communities, nations and people that have created the world we live in. It is our love and passion for our careers in science, engineering, health and everything else that has built our cities and evolved our society. Love is what builds our world, not competition, fear and greed.” The message promoted by the movement is the fact that when love, human connection, and acceptance are fuelled, a thriving experience can be embraced together.

Items in the range include men’s and women’s T-Shirts, Sweatshirt, various Hoodie styles, a Champion Hoodie and Backpack, and even Throw Pillows and Blanket for the home or workspace.

Additionally, there is a white backpack featuring the message ‘Love is the Driving Force of Existence’ in red, which creates an eye-catching design. Other options include an All-Purpose Tote Bag, other Backpack options, Samsung Phone Case, iPhone Case, Laptop Sleeve, and mugs.

T-shirts conveying the same message with differing designs are also available and can help wearers stand out while promoting a message of LOVE and UNITY.

By representing love, people can represent the force of nature that breathes life into all of existence – reigning over fear, hatred, pain and division, love is the one and only force powerful enough to conquer all the calamities this world is now facing.

A representative said: “In our current trying times of fear mongering, hate, and the division of people, we invite you to partake in this love movement. Love is what will win at the end of the day. When we fuel the agendas of mass economic corruption for overt control of our global community, we will inevitably lose. When we fuel love, human connection and acceptance however, we surrender – knowing that love is all we need to experience thriving togetherness with our fellow man. This statement conveys the heart of the message for the design.”

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