Love Knot Necklace/Earrings – Cubic Zirconia White Gold Valentines Gift Launched

Best Gift Jewelry has launched its new Valentine’s Day gift packages to reduce the hassle of shopping for a loved one down to a simple click to select.

The new gift bundle is perfect for a hard-to-shop-for spouse and comes with all they need to present their wife with a lovingly wrapped elaborate and well-crafted package. The centerpiece of the bundle is the “Real Love” knot necklace, which comes in a customizable choice of jewelry case. With optional matching earrings available to be purchased with a single click.

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This new bundle has been launched just in time for the Valentine’s Day shopping season, a time of great stress for many as they scramble to find the perfect gift for their spouse or loved one. This package, though, can be purchased online, and comes with everything a person could ask for. Customers easily select each choices and simply click to add to their order.

Studies have shown that Americans can’t get enough of the Valentine’s Day season, spending close to 1 billion dollars in gifts for their pets alone. This number is, naturally, dwarfed by the total revenue brought in by the gift industry at large, which is over 20 times that amount.

With that in mind, the hunt for a gift can often be manic and unfocused as people struggle to find the perfect gift. This year, however, Best Gift Jewelry has done the bulk of the work and packaged a thoughtful, customizable gift, perfect for any spouse this Valentine’s Day.

The “Real Love” necklace features a white-gold plated body with a large cubic zirconia gemstone set in the middle of the knot. It is a symbolic piece of art that is meant to speak to the intertwined nature of love, and even comes in a gift box that includes a short, personal message to strengthen the meaning behind the gift.

The matching post-style earrings feature a similar design and are the perfect thing to round out the set. All of this can be wrapped in a high-quality gift bag which customers can also choose to fill with 500 faux rose petals. For, the perfect, appropriately extravagant gift that is beautiful without breaking the bank.

A highly satisfied customer had this to say, “Can’t recommend Best Gift Jewelry enough, top-notch support, incredible quality, will remain a customer until the day I die, of course I’ll make sure my children continue my legacy and relationship with Best Gift Jewelry. All hail the Best Gift Jewelry gods, thank you.”

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