Louisville KY Personal Injury Lawyer Negligence Compensation Guide Launched

A new legal glossary guide has been launched by Isaac and Isaacs, covering the use of negligence in civil law. It’s part of their commitment to providing the best legal education for clients.

Isaac and Isaacs, the specialist personal injury law firm in Louisville, Kentucky, has launched a new guide covering the meaning and use of negligence in civil law. It’s part of their commitment to educating clients and the latest in a series of pieces on legal definitions that everyone should know.

More information can be found at: https://www.isaacsandisaacs.com/glossary/negligence

Isaac and Isaacs is a personal injury law firm dedicated to pursuing justice when a wrongful act or lack of care causes a local resident harm. Their expert law team spans Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio, with a collective experience of 346 years.

Now they have expanded their glossary with an in-depth guide covering negligence as it pertains to civil law cases. It explains that negligence can refer to any failure to exercise reasonable care in one’s actions, resulting in injury or damage to another person.

In contrast to harm caused through an intentional act, in law, negligence falls under the category of unintentional behavior. Examples of this as it pertains to daily life could include the violation of a traffic law, ignoring important vehicle maintenance, or a café owner forgetting to put out a “wet floor” sign after mopping.

When a client wants to prove negligence in a court of law, there are four primary elements that need to be covered. These are all outlined in detail in the newly launched guide.

The first is that somebody owed the client a duty of ordinary care. For example, a trucking company owes those on the road the duty to drive safely, so an accident caused by reckless driving could prove negligence.

Other elements to prove include the fact that they breached their duty of ordinary care, that the breach of duty caused the injury, and the harm caused monetary loss. The guide also covers a wide range of practical examples to show the definition of negligence in action.

The legal experts state: “Depending on your location, negligence will almost always be a factor in determining how much you can recover in your case.”

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