Louisville KY Clicker Training For Dogs Pet School & Hotel Service Expanded

The Pet School and Hotel has announced that it is increasing its affordable, effective dog training services for local customers. The services are ideal for any dog owners that are looking to train their dogs.

The Pet School and Hotel, located in Louisville, Kentucky, has announced that it has increased its top quality, affordable dog training services for local customers. The Pet School and Hotel offers three different approaches in training: a group classroom based training service, private one to one training for individual pets, and a unique two week boarding school for dogs. The training services are ideal for any dog owner, in particular dog owners that are struggling with training and need some help.

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The Pet School and Hotel was established in 1984 and is located in Louisville, Kentucky. The school has a wealth of experience in the training of dogs, and it is dedicated to providing the best in care and training for pets, with great customer support and affordable prices.

The programs offered are specifically designed for the successful training of dogs, and all the staff are well trained and experienced, using the clicker method to achieve desired behavior.

The clicker method is a method of training dogs using positive reinforcement. Pets obey these commands because they want to please their trainer and because they learn to associate the click of the clicker with something fun and something that they desire.

Customers will find that there are three different training services available, the first being the group classroom based training. The next group classroom course is on April 10, with more planned to follow.

During the four-week course, customers are taught how to implement what they learn into their home where it can be practiced during the week. The class lasts 1.5 hours and is held once a week, with the training covering various factors such as basic manners, house training and grooming.

In addition to this, customers will see that private sessions are also available. These private sessions are on a one to one basis in order to provide more personal attention. The private sessions can cover the likes of managing dog behavior, managing multiple dogs and introducing children.

Furthermore, customers will see the two week boarding school for dogs. With this training service, customer’s pets stay in the boarding facilities on site, and the same training is given as in the classroom course. In addition to this, a private session is available for when customers pick their pets up, in order to cover what has been achieved and what they can do in the home.

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