Louisiana TeleLeaf Medical Marijuana Card – Online Application Platform Launched

Patients in Louisiana seeking medical marijuana treatment for their illnesses can use the recently launched TeleLeaf simple online application platform to obtain their own medical marijuana card.

TeleLeaf, an online access platform has been launched to connect patients in Louisiana that need medical marijuana with qualified doctors. The platform provides a straightforward process where those in need of marijuana for medical reasons can obtain their own medical marijuana card online.

The service has been launched for patients in Louisiana, a state that has approved the use of cannabis for medical purposes. The platform was created by a veteran Marine Officer who wanted to provide alternative treatment options for those who, like himself, are in considerable need.

TeleLeaf has recruited a team of licensed doctors who have seen the efficacy of the treatment and understand that medical cannabis treatments can help patients cope better with their pain and enable them to live a more normal life. The application process is safe, secure, and HIPAA compliant.

The straightforward application process begins with the completion of an online form, followed by a telephone or video consultation with a Louisiana licensed doctor. Once approved, the doctor will make a recommendation which will be sent to the patient’s chosen one of nine pharmacies in their region.

A local pharmacist will then consult with the patient to review the available treatments, the product range and make recommendations for both initial and ongoing dosages. The pharmacist will discuss different ways to self-administer the product, the recommended dosages, and potential interactions with other drugs that patients may be already taking.

With appointments available for 12 hours per day, over 6 days each week between the hours of 8 am and 8 pm, TeleLeaf can often provide the evaluation, recommendation, and connection to the patient’s nearest pharmacy on the same day. Should any patient not pass the evaluation, the company commits to a 100% refund of all fees paid.

To date, TeleLeaf has helped over 27,000 patients obtain a medical marijuana card and thereby gain access to pain relief and other ailments that can be helped by medical cannabis products. The tens of thousands of patients with medical marijuana cards are receiving treatments for a wide range of issues including PTSD, ADHD, anxiety, back pain, arthritis, Parkinson’s Disease, emphysema, Bell’s Palsy, epilepsy, and many more.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Our platform was created for the patient by the patient, driven by a Marine Officer’s mission to heal himself and provide alternative treatment options for others in need. We aim to help patients get the relief they deserve.”

Release ID: 89042530