Los Angeles Pranayama Yoga Class Vedic Meditation Virtual Life Coaching Launched

The Meditation Effect of Los Angeles (818-396-7611) has launched a series of classes on Vedic meditation, yoga, Pranayama, and other wellness tools, which help with relaxation, self-awareness, and sleep. To improve accessibility, the center will host individual or group virtual and in-person sessions.

With the launch of online classes, The Meditation Effect has expanded its services to include personal coaching on meditation, yoga, Pranayama, breathwork, and other disciplines. In-person visualization meditation and yoga classes are conducted at its center in Los Angeles.

Further details on this at: https://themeditationeffect.com

The Mediation Effect wellness coaching is for individuals who are interested in learning skills that foster personal development and wellbeing while supporting personal growth. The center offers custom services that are flexible and can be adapted to individual preferences and schedules.

Meditation serves as an age-old path to wellness that reduces symptoms of stress and facilitates harmony between the body and mind. Individuals that engage in the various mediation practices tend to experience better self-control, regulated blood pressure, and healthier sleeping habits. Vedic meditation, which originates from ancient Indian texts, further cements these benefits by emphasizing various mantras and breathing techniques, resulting in optimum relaxation and focus.

Clients who sign up for classes at The Mediation Effect will benefit from personal coaching and sessions that focus on stress and anxiety relief while improving sleep behavior, interpersonal relationships, and more. Meditation classes offered by the center include transcendental meditation, visualization meditation, mantra meditation, and Vedic meditation.

The Mediation Effect offers breathwork coaching scheduled on 90-minute sessions which are available as individual or group sessions. The center welcomes beginners and advanced practitioners from around the world, nurturing a global community that provides support through the learning process. The community also organizes retreats and facilitates the exchange of improved techniques.

About the Center

The Meditation Effect is a wellness center based in Los Angeles. Founder Matthew Spangler, is an experienced guided meditation expert and seasoned teacher of advanced Vedic meditation and several forms of yoga.

A spokesperson said, “Our Vedic meditation classes will provide you with a comprehensive learning experience, personal guidance, and ongoing support. The intimacy of in-person instruction creates a rich experience for both teachers and students, while virtual sessions allow you to be guided in the comfort of your home. This course is designed to teach you self-sufficiency. By its completion, you will have both the direct experience and understanding to practice consistently on your own.”

Interested parties can find more details on The Meditation Effect and its coaching services at: https://themeditationeffect.com

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