Los Angeles Outpatient Meth/Fentanyl Rehab – Best Addiction Recovery Center LA

Los Angeles, CA - Discovery Transitions Outpatient (818-824-5022) continues its mission of offering quality outpatient meth rebab services with its updated recovery programs for fentanyl and meth.

According to the latest statistics, around 100,000 Americans die from drug overdose each year. From opiates such as fentanyl to stimulants such as methamphetamine, experts are alarmed by the growing number of adults who are seeking solace from illegal drugs. Aware of these statistics, Discovery Transitions Outpatient announces that its entire suite of drug recovery programs has been updated.

The new programs include better outpatient facilities for meth rehab and fentanyl withdrawal. Covering two of the most popular types of drugs, the substance abuse recovery center provides highly structured rehab that borrows heavily from the Matrix Model and employs evidence-based therapies all throughout.

It believes that drug rehab requires a holistic approach. Recent studies have found that more than half of recovering addicts relapse. Experts say that this may be because most rehab centers focus solely on the withdrawal portion of the addiction rather than the underlying psychology behind it. When people do not know how to self-check themselves, they are more at risk of relapse because they do not understand the “why” of their substance abuse.

Discovery Transitions Outpatient offers a different model to recovery. Its team of professional and compassionate therapists provides holistic support to addicts. It takes pride in its outpatient programs that allow clients to still live productive lives while recovering from dangerous meth addiction.

The leading outpatient meth rehab also provides support for fentanyl withdrawal. It clarifies that though often used for medical emergencies, fentanyl has a high risk of addiction due to the fact that it is 100 times more powerful than morphine.

A company spokesperson said, “Our professional team of compassionate counselors provides support, structure, and a holistic approach to healing from addiction. Every client will receive an individually tailored program to meet their specific needs. Individualized plans include group therapy, holistic services, individual therapy, and the integration of 12-Step principles.”

Those seeking medical assistance for their fentanyl addiction can find help at the center, with same-day admission and help possible. Reach out by phone to speak to their Admissions team today!

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