Los Angeles Mobile Pet Grooming Soothing Dog Spa Service Announced

OMG! Pet Grooming has announced it is offering mobile pet grooming services in the local areas around Los Angeles. The services are ideal for anybody in need of cat or dog pet grooming.

OMG! Pet Grooming has announced that it can offer full service pet grooming in the Los Angeles area. They offer their services in Hacienda Heights, West LA, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Santa Monica and other local areas. The company is ideal for anybody looking for top quality pet grooming.

For more information, visit: https://omgpetgrooming.com.

OMG! Pet Grooming provides high quality, fun pet grooming services for people’s pets. The company’s aim is to give every pet a relaxing, stress-free and soothing grooming experience. They focus on pet safety, the grooming experience, and the customer’s peace of mind to ensure pets are getting the best care possible.

This is done by giving each pet a one-on-one grooming appointment, free from the stress of other pets, being put in a kennel, or being exposed to the fast paced environment of most other grooming shops.

OMG! Pet Grooming offers various different grooming packages for cats and dogs. For instance, the ‘3 Bath and 2 Cut Mobile Grooming Package’, which is paid for in advance and requires an appointment at least once every 4 to 6 weeks to keep the pet well maintained.

This package also includes the 2 cuts which, depending on the breed, usually get done every other appointment. If the breed does not require haircuts very often, OMG! Pet Grooming offer a swap from cut to spa treatment, so it’s ideal for anyone who needs their pet groomed.

All the services include one-on-one grooming, and with the calm atmosphere inside the mobile van, pets are usually very calm and relaxed during the appointments.

OMG! Pet Grooming will often have soothing chi music playing in the van to help calm animals down, and use bathing, massaging and aroma conditioner products followed by a cut and grooming session. All of this used with the proper training techniques make the experience fun for the pet, and less stressful than other grooming companies.

OMG! Pet Grooming states: “With 13 years of training experience, as well as being mentored by top animal behavioural specialists in the US Air Force, we have an amazing ability to help put your pet at ease and look forward to their grooming.”

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