Los Angeles Egg Freezing To Improve Fertility Odds For Couples Service Launched

IVFLA Fertility has announced the availability of its egg freezing service. It’s extended to women who are due for chemotherapy, have an autoimmune disease, or desire fertility preservation.

IVFLA Fertility, a Los Angeles-based cryopreservation clinic, has announced the availability of its egg freezing service. The fertility clinic specializes in assisting individuals and couples, who have conception and fertility-related issues, to increase their chances of starting a family.

More information can be found at http://ivflafertility.com/egg-freezing

The newly announced service is offered to women who want to preserve their fertility for a future date. It is also aimed at those women who will be undergoing a medical treatment, such as chemotherapy or have an illness or medical condition (such as autoimmune disease) that can affect their fertility.

Also known as mature oocyte cryopreservation, egg freezing allows patients to harvest and store their healthy, unfertilized eggs for later use, reassuring patients that they’ll have the option to conceive when it works best for their health and lifestyle.

According to a spokesperson for IVFLA Fertility, the cryopreservation clinic has had great success in performing numerous egg freezing procedures. The highly trained fertility specialists at the clinic are known for taking wonderful care of patients and making them comfortable every step of the way.

The egg freezing procedure performed at IVFLA Fertility comprises four phases: the consultation, the treatment where medication is administered, eggs retrieved, and the storage of eggs until the patient is ready to use them and fertilization of the eggs to embryos with subsequent transfer to the uterus for achieving pregnancy. The spokesperson noted that although there is no absolute age cutoff, egg freezing typically works best for women who are in their 20s to early 30s.

The cryopreservation clinic deals with both males and females who may or may not have fertility issues or who need assistance with conceiving a child. Other services include IVF, semen and embryo freezing, egg donation, donor insemination, gender selection, surrogacy, assisted hatching, and artificial insemination.

IVFLA Fertility is headed by Beverly Hills fertility doctor Steven C. Presser, M.D., with nearly 30 years of experience. The clinic is said to offer a unique practice style of personalized medical care with warm and caring staff. IVFLA also utilizes state-of-the-art technology in its services.

The clinic is also known for having some of the highest pregnancy rates in the U.S. The representative also noted that IVFLA Fertility’s patients can expect to have every facet of the latest reproductive technologies available to them.

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