Los Angeles County Digital Marketing Rankings Booster Website Audit Launched

Social Giant Marketing, an LA based digital marketing consultancy, has launched a new free website audit to help people improve their site and attract more customers. This means they can improve their reputation and sell more products.

A Los Angeles based SEO and digital marketing consultant has launched a new free website audit service as part of its offering to help potential clients improve their website ranking. Through analyzing their existing website, clients can focus in on the areas that need the most improvement in order to stand out and attract the most customers.

Full details can be found at: http://socialgiantmarketing.com.

Social Giant Marketing prides itself on its high levels of customer service, and provides a range of options to help businesses drive more traffic to their website. It can help businesses in any niche to climb to the top of Google’s search results, helping them stand apart from their competition.

This is more important in today’s climate than ever before, as there are huge numbers of businesses online and there is too much information for people to wade through when they search for a keyword string online.

Research shows that most web browsers don’t venture past the first page on Google, which means it’s imperative for businesses to reach the top in order to find their audience, get more visitors, and sell more products and services.

In order for people to get a free website audit from Social Giant Marketing, all they have to do is fill in their URL on the form provided, and click the “analyse now” button, which sends the details directly to the experts on hand.

They can then dive into the site, figure out what is working and what needs attention, and create a tailored content creation and digital marketing plan to help people create the most powerful site for their needs.

In doing this, they can help to establish themselves as experts in their field, boosting both their brand awareness and their online reputation.

In order for businesses to work with Social Giant Marketing, they need an existing healthy business, which can’t be adult or gambling related. A form is provided to help people get started and take action towards getting more customers for their site.

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