Los Angeles CA Wrongful Termination Employment Attorney Services Launched

Employment attorney David Mallen at Employee Law Group just updated its range of legal solutions for Los Angeles clients who need immediate assistance with their wrongful termination case.

David Mallen at Employee Law Group, an employment attorney in El Segundo, California, announced the launch of an updated range of services for clients who have recently been fired illegally. The attorney is willing and able to handle the employment retaliation or discrimination case of Los Angeles clients.

More information can be found at http://www.employeelawgroup.com

Losing one’s job can be a highly stressful and frustrating situation, and, unfortunately, there are many different reasons why it can happen, including as a result of an unfair termination. The newly launched legal representation and consultation services at Employee Law Group aim to help clients who need to defend their employee rights.

Wrongful termination most often involves being fired because of race, gender, religious or ethnic affiliations, or disability. However, laws pertaining to wrongful termination differ from state to state.

Although many feel “wronged” after being terminated, the legal definition of wrongful termination is limited to what the state deems to be illegal. That is why it is crucial that employees consult with a knowledgeable attorney.

David Mallen at Employee Law Group has the experience of over 27 years of litigation, dozens of trials, and tens of millions of dollars recovered for thousands of employees. He works closely with his clients to protect their rights and ensure equal treatment.

The attorney prides himself on providing each of his clients with the same personal treatment, in-depth legal expertise, and tireless representation.

Attorney David Mallen said: “After 25 years of employment litigation, my core promise remains the same. You call me with your employment and labor law questions. I give you answers in plain English. I don’t charge for this valuable service. Nor do I delegate it to a law clerk, paralegal, or secretary. If you have a good case, you and I team up with some of the top trial lawyers in the country. And we go to work.”

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