Los Angeles CA White Quinoa Organic Non-GMO Gluten-Free Grain Launched

2Tre Organic, an LA-based health food store, has updated their online range of products to include white quinoa, a gluten-free pasta alternative for supporting a healthy lifestyle.

2Tre Organic, an online store based in Los Angeles CA, has recently expanded their range of premium quality products to include organic white quinoa, a naturally gluten-free alternative to pasta.

More information is available at www.2treorganics.com

2Tre Organic’s newly updated range of products now includes white quinoa, a nutrient-rich, versatile grain that offers a mild flavor and light crunch that can be enjoyed with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. White quinoa is naturally protein rich and keeps people fuller for longer, making it the ideal grain of choice for anyone trying to reduce their calorie intake or adopt a healthy lifestyle.

The newly launched 2Tre Organic white quinoa’s fluffy texture makes it the perfect, naturally gluten-free substitute for pasta and bread-based meals. Moreover, it is naturally high in fibre and can used to add essential nutrients to classic recipes, such as sushi, stir-fries, and stews, for people adapting to healthier food choices. Additionally, 2Tre Organic’s white quinoa can be prepared easily in a pan or rice cooker.

The product is certified organic, non-GMO, and is produced in accordance with fair trade practices. Moreover, it is a rich natural source of iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and manganese which are all essential components of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

The organic quality white quinoa stocked in 2Tre Organic’s online store is noticeably larger, rounder, and softer than other grains, adding satisfying mouthfeel and delicate flavor to a range of cuisines.

The product supports vegan and vegetarian diets by providing a complete range of essential amino acids, which can help people newly interested in health to maintain lean muscle mass and produce essential stomach enzymes.

In addition to nutrient-rich white quinoa, 2Tre Organics stocks speciality ingredients, including organic virgin coconut oil, pimento Jamaican allspice, and nutmeg with mace, which can be used in sweet and savory dishes. Their range of organic products are excellent for people who want to transition to a healthy lifestyle, or health-conscious people looking for a outstanding source of nutritious products.

2Tre Organics are committed to delivering nutrient-rich foods that will inspire people to eat healthier and live better, sourcing only the highest quality products for their online shop.

More information is available at the URL above, or by calling +1-323-815-4295.

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