Los Angeles CA Entertainment Accounting – Celebrity Business Management Updated

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Los Angeles, CA - Alajian Group renews its commitment to entertainment professionals manage their valuable assets with its newly strengthened business management services. Clients are assured that their brands are handled with laser-focused attention and professionalism.

According to Alajian Group, the current health crisis had the unexpected effect of making more self-made millionaires in Hollywood. However, these high-net-worth individuals may need assistance in managing their cash and other bills payables while they continue building their brands. With the company’s updated services, they can now do so with ease.

More details can be found at https://alajiangroup.com/service/business-management

The strengthened packages include cash management and reporting, bill and invoice payable, royalty and residual management, budgeting, and management of financial statements. Other services may be customized to suit the needs of the clients and their current profession.

Alajian Group understands that successful individuals do not have the time nor the knowledge to properly manage their brands. This is where the company comes in. It assures clients that all cases are handled with professionalism and attention to detail, especially for business formation, tax analysis preparation, and employee payroll, among others.

Led by its founder, Armine Alajian, the company is reflective of her strong work ethic leveraged in a unique business model that always takes the needs of the clients first. Alajian explains that despite the highly competitive environment of business management, her customer-centered approach to cash reporting has made her group one of the recognized names in both Los Angeles and New York.

Armine Alajian has been interviewed several times by some of the leading news and media brands in the United States to discuss her one-of-a-kind approach to business management. Further details can be found at https://alajiangroup.com/news-press

To date, the Alajian Group is the go-to LA business manager for many of the city’s elite.

New clients are encouraged to schedule an initial discovery call with the team through their website. This is to practice current health guidelines of social distancing. All calls will be made online until further notice.

A company spokesperson said, “We specialize in startup accounting and business management for entertainers, entrepreneurs, athletes, and high net worth individuals. We speak the language of money and maintain the health of your financial circumstances.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://alajiangroup.com

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