Los Angeles CA Business Workplace Coaching – Optimization Training Course Launch

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ADVO Group has just launched its new Kinection Academy, a training resource that will feature scalable communication classes suitable for all business teams and professionals.

ADVO Group, a company specializing in high-end business training and coaching services in Los Angeles, CA, has just launched its new Kinection Academy, a series of unique training and communications courses.

For more information, visit: https://kinectionacademy.thinkific.com

This latest announcement will help business teams of any size and individual professionals access high-quality leadership training and behavioral development courses online.

ADVO Group’s courses are based on the company’s unique Kinection Methodology, which consists of a series of tools and frameworks that enable professionals to connect with others on a deeper level. According to the ADVO, application of the Kinection Methodology results in the 3 ‘Ps’, which are strong purpose, presentation and presence.

ADVO’s newly launched Kinection Academy is now offering the Foundations of Kinection course, which provides in-depth communication and leadership training. The course is delivered via micro-coaching, or short but powerful training sessions, ideal for busy professionals.

The course modules cover a range of topics including verbal and non-verbal awareness, mindset awareness, making an impact, crafting objectives and connection.

The Foundations of Kinection course is conveniently available online, enabling students to work in any location.

In addition to the foundation of Kinection Class, ADVO also offers scalable courses suitable for businesses and teams of all sizes, including Kinected Teams, Leadership Kinection and the Kinection Workshop Series.

To find out more about ADVO Group’s Kinection classes, visit: https://www.advogroupinc.com/services-2

This latest release is in line with ADVO Group’s commitment to providing businesses and professionals with valuable communication and training to connect with clients and partners alike. Moreover, the company has developed a strong reputation for its high-quality trainings and level of client care.

One satisfied client said: “Working with ADVO has made a huge impact on me. I’ve realized my fullest potential by being more self aware and used the tools I discovered from the sessions to better communicate and connect with audiences. The course has built up my confidence in work and in life has been an amazing learning experience.”

Interested parties can find out more about ADVO Group’s classes by visiting: https://www.advogroupinc.com

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