Los Angeles CA Body Sculpting Non Invasive Procedure Fat Removal Device Launched

A US-based company introduces to the Los Angeles market a revolutionary machine that stimulates both fat removal and muscle growth, avoiding the need for invasive surgical procedures.

A unique body contouring technology has just been launched that aims to reduce fat and grow muscles using a single treatment device. The latest offering from US-based company BTL Industries, Emsculpt NEO is now available to the Los Angeles market.

More information can be found at https://www.emsculptneo.com.

The newly launched device provides a quick and easy body sculpting technique, with each session lasting for only 30 minutes. The treatment is suitable for individuals who are looking to enhance their abdominal appearance and reduce their abdominal circumference, as well as those seeking to strengthen and tone their arms, calves, and buttocks.

Offering an alternative to intensive workout routines and invasive surgical procedures, Emsculpt NEO has been cleared by the FDA for non-invasive lipolysis or breakdown of fat. As the device is designed to work on multiple tissues, it is ideal for use by anyone with a BMI of up to 35.

Emsculpt NEO works by simultaneously emitting both radio frequency and HIFEM+ energies within a single application. The radio frequency rapidly increases the temperature of muscles, enabling them to prepare for stress as they do during a pre-workout warm-up. Within the first four minutes of applying the treatment, fat cells are broken down permanently, then eliminated slowly from the body.

The high intensity electromagnetic energies, meanwhile, contract all the muscle fibers in the treatment area. The application of stress prompts the muscles to adapt, resulting in improved number and growth of muscle fibers and cells.

The company recognizes that the public may have a tendency to liken their new treatment to other fat reduction methods like liposuction. They clarify, however, that the application of their device “does not compare to liposuction as Emsculpt NEO is a completely non-invasive procedure. It does not require surgery, needles, anesthesia, or any downtime.”

They add, “Emsculpt NEO procedure combines Radiofrequency and HIFEM for fat elimination and muscle building in a single treatment, making it a one of a kind technology. There is no other device in the aesthetic field that treats both fat and muscle in a single treatment.”

Interested parties may learn more by visiting the above website.

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