Los Angeles Brain Injury Attorney Accident Claims Guidance Report Launched

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Tina Odjaghian Law Group has launched a new brain injury claim report. The report goes into detail on the different types of brain injury claims and what the process involves, making it ideal for anybody that is going through a brain injury claim.

A new brain injury claim report has been launched by the Tina Odjaghian Law Group, a catastrophic injury and worker’s compensation attorney. The report goes into detail on brain injury claims and how to understand the process.

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The newly launched report is well suited for anybody that has been involved in an accident or knows anyone that has been involved in an accident resulting in brain injury and that is going through or wants to start a brain injury claim.

Readers will find that the new brain injury claim report details how a traumatic brain injury lawyer can help with legal issues that may arise during brain injury claims. Depending on the nature of the injury, as each brain injury can be very different, there may be different cases that need to be filed. For example, the report explains how it may be a personal injury case or a worker’s compensation case, and each case has a different type of legal process.

The brain injury claim report also goes on to explain what these cases involve. The worker’s compensation case in California is a no-fault case, which means that it is not necessary to prove fault. In comparison to this, with a personal injury case, it is necessary to show that the other party was in some way negligent and caused the brain injury.

The brain injury claim report shows that in personal injury cases, clients will not receive any money until the case has been proven, or has reached a settlement. Due to this, it is possible to incur a significant amount of medical bills whilst the case runs on, however it is possible to receive the necessary medical care on a lien basis, whereby the medical care is given and payment is taken when the case has reached settlement. In comparison, a worker’s compensation case is different, as the insurance carrier will approve or deny medical claims as and when needed.

Furthermore, the report goes on to explain how brain injury cases can last a long time. The majority of brain injury cases last around 18 months to 2 years, and some can take much longer to conclude. With certain brain injury claims, such as minor brain injury claims, it is possible to to conclude the case sooner.

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