Los Angeles, Anaheim – New California DUI Arrest Record, 17 Dead, Lawyers Needed

California Law Enforcement departments report 1094 DUI arrests Statewide over Labor Day Weekend 2015. This is a brand new DUI arrest record which include Northern California, Orange County, San Diego County and LA County.

This past Labor Day weekend was a busy weekend for California law enforcement concerning DUI arrests. According to San Diego 6, the State of California reported that 1094 DUI arrests Statewide, which is 51 more than 2014. This new DUI arrest record comes after aggressive DUI checkpoints at various locations were set up by DUI task forces on a Statewide scale. In San Diego specifically there were 71 DUI arrests.

Of the DUI incidents in California this past Labor Day weekend there were 17 fatal traffic accidents. Most of these accident victims were not wearing seat belts. Drinking and driving can create dangers for both the intoxicated driver and individuals around them in traffic. In California, having a blood alcohol level of .08% or higher will result in a DUI arrest. The best way to avoid a DUI arrest is to simply not drink and drive, or call a transportation service.

According to the Huntington Beach Police Department there were 12 DUI arrests over the Labor Day weekend and in Orange County as a whole there are no up to date reports concerning Orange County DUI arrests published as of yet. There are many different websites that publish DUI checkpoints in Orange County, LA County, and San Diego County. Keep in mind that not all police departments provide DUI checkpoint locations due to remaining discreet in order to bust DUI offenders in California. Anaheim DUI Attorneys suggest taking the following actions in the event of a DUI arrest or entering a DUI checkpoint:

– Be polite

– Do not admit guilt

– Decline any and all breath or blood testing

– Call an attorney right away

According to Los Angeles DUI Attorneys, taking these actions will provide the best possible defense in the event a DUI attorney is retained on any given DUI case in order to provide the best chances of obtaining a dismissal or reduced charge concerning DUI in California.

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