Lorraine Wiseman Launches Book: Lessons Learned in Chaos

Lorraine Wiseman, author, coach and global executive announces the launch of her first book, Eat While You Dream, where she shares the lessons learned from leading businesses through change.

South Carolina, USA, July 6, 2020 / PRNewswire – Lorraine Wiseman, author, coach and global executive announces the launch of her first-ever book entitled Eat While You Dream where she shares the lessons learned from leading large businesses through major changes.

Eat While You Dream was born at the request of executives she has consulted for over her many years as a turn around professional. Her book has long been anticipated by her network of CEOs, senior executives, mentees, family and friends. Wiseman understands that skills and knowledge are not enough to effect a change, but a rich blend of people skills and strategic thinking is the magic formula. Her ability to create solutions out of chaos cemented her credibility and authority in transforming global companies and bringing about a major change to even the most complex situations.

“Lorraine has a remarkable way of making complex concepts not complex. Her proven strategies and working tools for managing and leading an organization or personal change to new heights are invaluable.” ~ Robert A. Bates, President & CEO, Southern Mutual Church Insurance

Wiseman has taken on several roles in her entire career. She was a former teacher and a CFO in a school for a decade. Her unique background of teaching and accounting has aided her to achieve success in transforming global enterprises.

Here are some things readers will find useful in her book.

She recounted stories of how culture played a massive role in order to get people to want to follow her as a foreign leader. Wiseman also emphasized the importance of financial intelligence amongst the people she was leading and how to deal with issues surrounding gender roles. The core of her strategies was always about people—those she was leading and the customers. She places high priority for core values, integrity being on top.

Ultimately, she wrote Eat While You Dream as a way of paying it forward and creating other leaders who will then do the same act of paying it forward to others.

The book is available through this link: https://amzn.to/38uMltL

About the author:

Lorraine Wiseman is the President and CEO of Leading the Wise Way, a South Carolina-based executive consulting firm specializing in developing organizations and their leaders in the areas of strategy and change management. She is also a Vistage Chair and keynote speaker.

Her tremendous drive was highly influenced by her grandmother. As a child, she used to say to her, “Lorraine, do whatever you want, be whatever you want. There are no limits. The only limits you have are the ones you create.”

For more information about Lorraine Wiseman, please visit her website: https://lorrainewiseman.com/

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