Look Good Feel Good Clothing Website Launch: Offering Men’s and Women’s Apparel

Look Good Feel Good Clothing: Online store providing men's and women's apparel from hundreds of fashion and Indie Brands on their new website. LGFGC offers high quality shoes, clothing and more.

Look Good Feel Good Clothing now offers high quality clothing, shoes and accessories through their new website at https://lookgoodfeelgoodclothing.com/ where customers can seamlessly search through thousands of men’s and women’s apparel products with ease.

With the launch of their new business and website, customers can now purchase numerous types of clothing and accessories including:

Shoes and Dress Shoes


Jewelry and Accessories



All Types of Bags (Backpacks, Travel Bags, Luggage, Purses, Totes and More)


Wedding Dresses

And More

This exciting new online clothing store is set to ensure a great customer experience by making the purchasing process as simple as possible while also refining the experience to make it easy for customers to find what they need along with clothing products or accessories that are the perfect match to their selected product.

Look Good Feel Good Clothing makes it even more customer friendly with their new LGFGC Rewards Program which allows customers to earn points that can be used toward future purchases. Points can be earned by sharing products and the website on social media, following and liking social channels, writing product reviews and more including bonus points for birthdays!

To go along with the thousands of high quality men’s and women’s apparel, Look Good Feel Good Clothing takes pride in their customer service and provides support Monday through Friday between 9AM to 5PM PST and from 10AM to 3PM PST on Saturdays. LGFGC customer support includes phone, email and live chat on their website during their open hours to ensure an excellent customer experience.

Owner and CEO, Asher Stefani had this to say about the Look Good Feel Good Clothing store launch and future.

“Look Good Feel Good Clothing, or LGFGC, is an online clothing store dedicated to helping customers not only look good, but feel good as well. The initial launch is focused mainly on the Look Good aspect with men’s and women’s clothing products and accessories, but the goal is to add products that contribute to the Feel Good aspect as well. Looking good is a prefect first step for anyone to feel good and LGFGC aims to provide high quality clothing products to help people look good and feel good moving forward.”

“Very soon Look Good Feel Good Clothing will bring on a new line of health products that will not only align with the LGFGC mantra of looking good and feeling good, but also perfectly complement the current clothing and sportswear products. The health products will include an increased line of sportswear and gear along with numerous products that support a healthy lifestyle. The key word here is Lifestyle, as it is truly a lifestyle for those who aim to look good and feel good.”

Asher continued with some intriguing goals for the future of Look Good Feel Good Clothing.

“One of the goals in the near future for Look Good Feel Good Clothing will be doing charitable work and donations with local and national organizations to help make a difference on a much larger scale providing the means to look good and feel good to those in need as well. Not everyone has the same opportunities and the LGFGC team is extremely excited to give back routinely every year and currently are working on some incredible partnerships that can help make a positive impact for others.”

“Look Good Feel Good Clothing will continue to expand the product lines with new fashionable and trendy clothing, apparel and accessory products for men and women on a monthly basis while providing promotions to go with the LGFGC Rewards Program in order to offer the best customer experience possible long into the future.”

It certainly looks and sounds like the present and future is looking bright for Look Good Feel Good Clothing and their customers!

Those interested in learning more about Look Good Feel Good Clothing can do so at their new mobile friendly website: https://lookgoodfeelgoodclothing.com/

Those interested in browsing the Look Good Feel Good Clothing catalog or obtaining more information regarding the website launch can do so by reading their recent published article at https://lookgoodfeelgoodclothing.com/blog/grand-opening-and-website-launch-look-good-feel-good-clothing/

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