Longview Real Estate Agents Offer Five Tips for Sellers to Spruce Up Curb Appeal

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Longview TX real estate agents Charles and Jaz Maxwell recommend improving curb appeal before listing a home for sale with five tried-and-true tips for creating a good first impression.

Charles and Jaz Marshall know a thing or two about selling homes. They comprise the Marshall Team, a real estate agent duo who work with Keebaugh & Company brokers in Longview, Texas.

Home selling season is kicking into high gear in most of the U.S., especially in East Texas. For home sellers, the Marshalls recommend taking a good look at the curb appeal of a home before listing it for sale.

“If a homeowner does nothing else to prepare a home for sale, at least make the outside look great,” explains Charles. “Curb appeal is everything.”

Nationwide, more than 3/4 of top real estate agents say improving curb appeal is the number one thing a homeowner can do to boost the marketability of their home. More than ninety per cent of agents believe that it also improves home value.

The Maxwells recommend tackling these 5 spruce-up projects to give a home the best possible curb appeal – without spending a lot of money.

1. Give the lawn a manicure treatment. Fertilize the lawn to green it up, help it look more lush and full and to get rid of weeds. Keep the lawn mowed regularly so it looks well-kept and tidy.

2. Pay attention to the front entryway. Remove any grime that has accumulated between bricks or on siding and make sure to clean the front lighting fixtures so they shine. Remove debris and spider webs to create a fresh first impression.

3. Trimming the trees and shrubs in the front of the home makes it look well maintained and gives a less cluttered look. A potential buyer wants to see the home – overgrown bushes and trees block the view. Make sure tree limbs don’t hang over the home and block sunlight into the home, too.

4. Re-mulch planting beds with fresh mulch. A home that is well-cared for on the outside will encourage potential buyers to check out the inside.

5. Buyers will notice the front door and a fresh coat of paint will leave a memorable impression. You don’t have to go wild with color, but a coat of paint can make a front door look new again.

Most buyers are looking for homes that are ready to move into without a lot of maintenance work. By paying attention to curb appeal, a home seller can create a gift-wrapped invitation to explore the inside spaces.

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