Longmont CO Digital Marketing Agency Uses Neuromarketing to Grow Companies

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A new neuromarketing service launched by Neural Experience (NX) digital marketing agency leverages neuroscience to help businesses with their e-commerce and online sales.

A newly updated marketing and user experience service has been launched by Neural Experience (NX). The Longmont, CO-based agency offers full-service marketing solutions backed by scientific insights from neurobiology.

More information can be found at https://www.neuralexperience.io/neuromarketing-2/

The newly updated neuromarketing service follows a partnership between JayNine Inc and David Baur-Ray. The aim is to establish a cutting-edge approach to digital marketing and user experience with a focus on connecting technology with customers and what’s truly most important to them.

Everyone knows that effective advertising begins in the mind of the consumer, which is why neuromarketing uses neurobiology technology to track, measure, and design the most effective marketing campaigns possible.

NX applies findings in neurobiology to connect the product with what’s most important to the customer in online user journeys to maximize online engagement, traffic, and sales. Clients can leverage NX’ scientific campaign design and implementation to offer customers a more optimized visitor journey.

The goal of the new service is to ensure that NX’ clients can drive more online sales using state-of-the-art neuromarketing frameworks.

By combining neurobiology with UX, the highly trained team aims to revolutionize the digital marketing and web design space. After consulting with a client, they will create a scientific-based assessment on how to trigger ideal deep desires, neurochemicals, and emotions to keep customers in the right frame of mind to make the right engagement.

One of the benefits of connecting with Neural Experience is that they are flexible enough to excel while working synergistically with the client. They can seamlessly complement each client’s in-house team of marketing professionals, while also spotting and eliminating gaps in their strategies.

This new marketing approach enables clients to outperform their competition, reach more customers, and engage their existing audience in more exciting ways.

A spokesperson for the company states: “We can revolutionize your customer’s buying journey with neurobiology. We’ll work alongside your in-house team with our neurobiology expertise or even build a team for you. We have solutions from branding and market positioning to website UX and UI, videos, social media, email marketing, and advertising.”

Interested parties can find out more at https://neuralexperience.io

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