Longmont CO Digital Marketing Agency – Uses Consumer Psychology in UX Services

Digital Marketing Agency, Neural Experience (NX), based in Longmont, CO, integrates neuromarketing techniques into client digital marketing campaigns to drive sales and entrench brand evangelists.

Neural Experience, (NX), a digital marketing agency based in Longmont, Colorado, is expanding its neurobiology-based digital marketing solutions to help businesses across a variety of sectors grow market share, increase sales and engender brand evangelists. This innovative, holistic approach to digital marketing incorporates cutting-edge insights from neuroscience to create more rewarding engagement experiences among target audiences, thus building a loyal customer base.

More information can be found here: https://www.neuralexperience.io

By expanding its proprietary optimization processes with the integration of neuroscience with traditional digital approaches, NX is helping their clients deliver a more humanized and rewarding user experience (UX) to their customers. The technology leverages touch points along a customer’s learning and engagement journey, leading to increased market share, revenue and brand allegiance.

Successful marketing plans depend on an accurate understanding what motivates target audiences to act.

To that end, digital marketers incorporate a mix of images, copy, taglines, headlines and keywords brought to light by market research and analysis of all available data into strategic content that is subsequently deployed over a number of platforms.

Neurobiology accentuates the market research process by taking a deep dive into the warrens of a target consumer’s subconscious to gauge and interpret their emotional responses a company’s branding.

Given emotions are responses to belief systems, once these belief systems are tapped and understood marketers have an opportunity to leverage gained insights to create campaigns that drive sales.

NX aims to foster more satisfying buying experiences among target customers by providing a tailored, neuromarketing strategy that resonates with their needs on a more human level.

By expanding their services to include a neurobiology-based component that builds search visibility, extends reach, streamlines the sales cycle, increases conversion rates and ranks for keywords, NX helps their clients uncover hidden opportunities which, when acted upon, are predicted to satisfy ambitious sales and marketing goals.

A spokesperson for NX says: “We use our insights to align with your customer’s networks for quick new market capture. We have developed a full-digital ecosystem for digital marketing to help businesses grow.”

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