Long Term Attraction Course For Women On Why Men Pull Away Suddenly Launched

A relationship expert has developed a comprehensive and affordable course designed to teach women the communication secrets that can help prevent their male partners from pulling away.

A dating coach and relationship specialist has launched a comprehensive course that aims to help women deal with men who are about to pull out of a relationship.

More information is available at https://happinessfortoday.com/why-men-pull-away

The course, which is called Why Men Pull Away, was designed to show women the reasons why their male partner loses interest and the steps they could take to address the issues. According to creator Slade Shaw, the course teaches three questions that can awaken a man’s feelings of love and devotion for his partner.

The course is available as an instant-download PDF, which includes versions for Kindle and Apple Books (iBooks).

A number of bonus materials are also included in the download for a limited time, including communication secrets to maintain a long-term relationship, ways on how to reignite and hold someone’s attention, the complete audio edition of the course, and actual interviews with men.

Why Men Pull Away developer Mr. Shaw explained that instead of asking men directly on whether they love their partner or not, women should instead use three indirect and harmless questions that can draw out the answer, without making them appear needy and making their partner feel like they are being pressured.

These questions were formulated after a survey on hundreds of male participants, which was designed to uncover the real causes of why men lose interest in the women they once showed deep affection for.

To prevent a break-up, the course also teaches steps on how a woman can be seen as “the one”. This section features a blueprint on how to become the woman that a man opens up to and sees as a best friend who “gets” him.

Mr. Shaw also stated that the course was designed to teach all these strategies from a position of strength and feminine control, which means that prospective course participants should not worry about turning into someone they are not.

Mr. Shaw is a longtime dating coach and co-founder of dating advice company Meet Your Sweet. He had released several relationship instructional materials with the company, including the Ultimate Attraction Transformation Series in 2010 and Make Her Crave You in 2013.

Full details about the contents of the course can be found https://meetysweet.com/menpullaway or at the URL above.

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