Long Island’s Luxury Puppies Pet Shop is Offering Cockapoo Puppies For Purchase

Luxury Puppies Pet Shop announced the availability of "Cockapoo Puppies" at their Massapequa NY location. More information can be found at https://www.luxurypuppies2u.com/product/cockapoo/.

Cockapoos are one of the oldest and most popular hybrids there are. Those looking for the most popular puppy breeds will be happy to know that Long Island-based, Luxury Puppies Pet Shop, located in Massapequa, NY, now sell Cockapoo puppies.

These adorable puppies are among the oldest of designer breeds in the US dating back to the 1960s when breeders first began crossing the poodle and American cocker spaniel. Seeing as the resulting offspring proved a playful, intelligent, and low-shedding designer line, the Cockapoo continues to be a sought-after designer breed.

Depending on the size of the parent poodle, cockapoos can grow anywhere between a foot and a foot and a half in height with a weight range of anywhere between 12 to more than 40 pounds. Depending on which dominant genes are inherited from each parent, coat colors can also range anywhere from black, red, brown, tan, blonde, or white but they can also come in a mixture of these colors. Coat lengths can be short or medium and anywhere between straight to curly. Luckily, Cockapoos usually take on the low-shedding feature of the poodle parent making this designer puppy a favorite for those with allergies.

Cockapoos are friendly, funny, and affectionate. Much like the poodle, the cockapoo is intelligent and outgoing and like the cocker spaniel, the Cockapoo has a friendly and docile nature. Since Cockapoos prefer company and can get anxious if left alone too long, they make nice companion dogs and typically get along with other pets and older children. Cockapoos are not big barkers and enjoy playing out in the yard or going for a walk around the block. Since Cockapoos are not overly energetic and require only moderate exercise, smaller Cockapoos do fine in apartment settings but larger ones will require more room.

Like any other serious purchase, it is important to have proper knowledge before purchasing a new puppy. At Luxury Puppies, customers will have ample opportunity to speak with the staff who can answer questions & can provide paperwork on the already micro-chipped cockapoo puppy’s background including vaccination dates, and can make suggestions on ways to successfully train the puppy so that the transition from pet shop to home is a smooth one.

Be sure to visit the Luxury Puppies website at https://www.luxurypuppies2u.com/ to learn more about the business, and https://www.luxurypuppies2u.com/product/cockapoo/ to get more information on the available cockapoo puppies.

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