Long Island Orthodontist Invisalign Faster Teeth Straightening Service Launched

A new technique is being offered by a Long Island orthodontist called the "Propel" system for straightening teeth. It cuts the time it takes to straighten teeth in half, and allows people to get their smile back faster.

A Long Island, New York orthodontist is now offering a new technique called the “Propel” system which can straighten teeth in about half the time it normally takes with metal or clear, Invisalign braces.

More information can be found at: http://hiddensmiles.com.

The practice explains that it used to be the case that wire braces were the only option for people wanting their teeth straightened, but now there are numerous options available, such as clear braces. However, no matter which option is selected by the patient, teeth move slowly – which is one of the biggest impediments to getting braces.

But with the new “Propel” system it is possible to greatly decrease the amount of time that one would need to wear braces in order to have the smile of their dreams. Propel is described as a new way to wear braces.

Normal braces work to straighten the teeth, which they achieve by slowly moving them over time. This bone remodeling takes a long time, which can usually only be sped up by invasive surgery.

Designed to speed up this process, Propel is a new micro-invasive way of moving teeth in half the time it normally takes. The process itself is called micro-osteoperforation, in which a small device used by the orthodontist or dentist to make a tiny hole at the bottom of the tooth that needs to be moved.

The patient is given this small incision while they are sitting in their dental chair, after the area has been numbed through local anesthetic. Unlike invasive surgery this process has no side effects or complications.

Propel was designed to help with the long and arduous process of moving teeth, giving patients the smile they want in half the time it normally takes. The procedure can speed up orthodontic treatment in two ways. First, the bone is made more pliable through the procedure. Second, blood flow is also increased to the area that was perforated, which accelerates the stimulation of bone production, allowing the bone to regrow and strengthen as the tooth is shifted into another position.

This makes it easier for people who decide to wear braces to straighten their teeth and improve their appearance because they can remove them in half the time it normally takes braces to work.

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