Long Island Indoor Digital Billboard Advertising Campaigns & Services Announced

The Indoor Billboard Network (IBN) announced its in-store digital billboard advertisement solutions for local businesses in Long Island to promote themselves with affordable and impactful TV-quality ads displayed on 50’’ digital billboards in some of the most well-known and frequented retail sites in their area.

The popular Indoor Billboard Network has announced its unique in-store digital billboard advertisement solutions for local businesses looking to advertise their company in some of the most popular and high traffic retail locations across Long Island, NY.

More information is available at http://www.ibnns.com.

The Indoor Billboard Network (IBN) is an acclaimed and highly popular provider of industry leading digital signage solutions that manages and operates a variety of indoor HD TV digital billboards in various well-know and highly frequented retail locations to help non-competing merchants connect with mutual clients.

The IBN has announced its unique in-store digital billboard advertisement solutions which provide local businesses in Long Island, NY, with the opportunity to display high definition TV quality ads promoting their company/brand directly where most of their local community eats, shops or works out at a fraction of the cost of any other form of advertisement with the same penetration.

The billboard network is comprised of a range of 50’’ monitors installed at the points of sale in some of the popular Dunkin Donuts, IGA Grocery stores, local gyms & fitness centers, high volume medical facilities, auto dealerships and car washes, delis, cafes or bagelries in Long Island, where non-competing merchants can display their ads for the kind of exposure, ‘word of mouth’ marketing and lasting impression needed to get new customers in the door.

More information on the IBN and the benefits it delivers hosts and advertisers along with a full list of the billboard hosts across Long Island, details on its proprietary remote content management software or the affordable monthly packages and discounts available for sole 40-second spots repeating itself every ten to twelve minutes or multi-billboard spots spread among different locations, can be requested at 516-900-2265 or through the website link provided above.

The IBN explains that “we partnered with some of the most popular venues in town to create the most effective way for any business to draw new customers and remind the existing ones to talk about them socially. Our TV monitors installed in prominent, high traffic retail sites offer an affordable, impactful and paperless way to make a business resonate with prospective and existing clients while reinforcing their image as consistent and reliable provider in the community.”

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