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Rideshare services like Lyft and Uber are incredibly convenient and ubiquitous in this day in age. Moreover, according to a research brief put out by the CATO Institute they seem to have an overall positive effect on reducing DUIs, as well as vehicular fatalities. This is no doubt in part due to the fact that fewer inebriated persons are driving behind the wheel having a readily available at hand service to call when they are over the legal limit.

Nevertheless, it’s not all proverbial sunshine and roses. The convenient Rideshare programs often employ people who may have undergone background checks, but do not possess any kind of Commercial Drive training. These people are statistically no less likely to be staring at their phones while driving, and according to at least some indications may even be more likely as they are often using their phones to either pick up those who are hailing them, or using those same phones to navigate. Undoubtedly more time spent staring at a phone is less time spent staring at the road in front of oneself. Rideshare programs like uber can carry insurance that covers as much as 1.5 million dollars in damage depending upon the city and the reason for the accident, but of course insurance companies are notorious for not paying out any more than they have to, and that can sometimes mean that person’s injured through no fault of their own by an individual operating one of these rideshare vehicles may not be compensated to the maximum amount allowed, an amount that would cover medical expenses and compensate them for lifetime sustained in damages and injuries.

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According to the CATO Institute, monthly data from the national highway traffic safety administration fatality analysis reporting system indicates that there is as much as a .7% to a 1.6% decline in the overall fatal crash rate for each additional quarter that a service like Uber is available in the metropolitan area. https://www.cato.org/publications/research-briefs-economic-policy/ride-sharing-fatal-crashes-crime

“On the whole it would seem that Services offering to Rideshare, including Lyft and Uber are forces for good in the modern world. They fill a need that was being under met, and that’s capitalism hard at work in a positive way, helping passengers, making for safer roads overall, all well helping average Americans earn a little extra money to pad their college funds and rainy day accounts,” said a spokesperson for The Law Office of Richard M. Kenny. “ That is a good thing and we are in no way opposed to that, however we do want to make sure that when an injury happens that involves one of the drivers of one of these Ride-share vehicles that the persons injured are taken care of, because so often they can fall by the wayside especially when going up against large insurance companies and large Ride share companies.

In the boroughs of New York City, contact the Law Office of Richard M. Kenny at 212-421-0300 and speak to an attorney specialist at no cost. More information can be found on their website, https://www.rmkinjurylaw.com/blog/3-faqs-about-lyft-uber-accidents-involving-pedestrians/

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