Long Distance Calling Provider Zuzume – International Phone Services Launched

International calling provider Zuzume has announced the launch of its updated global calling services. Customers can choose between the PayGo and Unlimited Global plans.

Zuzume, an international calling provider, has announced the launch of its updated long-distance calling services. The services allow those in the USA and Canada to call their friends and loved ones abroad at reasonable rates.

More information is available at https://zuzume.com

The newly updated long-distance services help families stay connected during the current pandemic by providing affordable and reliable international calling services.

Staying connected with friends and family is just one of the many challenges presented by the current pandemic. The health crisis has restricted holiday travel, so many families have gone extended periods without seeing their loved ones in person. In times like this, keeping in touch with family and friends living abroad is essential. However, some international calling plans can be prohibitively expensive.

To address this issue, Zuzume provides high-quality, affordable international calling service from the USA and Canada to almost anywhere in the world.

Currently, the company is giving new customers $2 of free international calling credit to see how the service works. After trying the service, customers can choose between the flexible PayGo plan and the Unlimited Global plan. The PayGo plan lets customers add funds as necessary and allows calling to certain locations in Mexico for under 2 cents per minute. The Unlimited Global Plan lets users make unlimited international calls to a list of 10 numbers for $15 per month.

Zuzume customers do not have to worry about their minutes expiring, and there are no hidden fees. The service also allows users to call internationally without having to remember PIN numbers.

With the updated services, Zuzume shows its ongoing commitment to helping families stay in touch with their loved ones abroad.

Clients report having excellent experiences with the long-distance services, as a satisfied customer said: “This is the best international calling service I have ever used. I have family living out of the country, and this service gives you way more bang for your buck. The connection is quick and there are no fees or surcharges. I also love that there are no pesky PIN numbers.”

Interested parties can learn more at https://zuzume.com

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