Lonestar Remodeling DFW reports on home renovation trends in 2018

Lonestar Remodeling DFW advises homeowners to consider accessibility, technology and design when remodeling kitchens or bathrooms in 2018

Michael Jones, partner at Lonestar Remodeling DFW, highlights some of the top trends to consider when renovating a kitchen or bathroom in 2018. Lonestar Remodeling DFW is a top-rated home renovation contractor serving the greater Fort Worth Texas area.

Take Advantage Of Smart Technology

According to Michael “with the Internet of Things, one can easily incorporate many aspects of home automation and entertainment into virtually any area of the home. “Expect this trend to continue well into the future”. Jones went on to say “many kitchen remodeling projects now include built in TV or computer monitors to bring entertainment directly into the kitchen.” Michael also stated that home security tools are also popular in kitchen and bathroom remodels. Most of these security apps can be controlled from a smart phone.

Think About Accessibility

As the population ages, Michael suggests considering this in any renovation projects, particularly in the bathroom. “Any bathroom remodeling project should give consideration to accessibility”. Jones also states that it’s not necessary to give up style in order to attain this. “There are numerous beautiful options to add accessibility options like walk-in tubs and the like.” He suggests meeting with an experienced, well-reviewed remodeling contractor for ideas that fit the particular space of the home. 

Don’t Overlook Tile

Jones states that stone and granite get a lot of press but that textured tile can add a real design flair. “There are some ornate patterns that can be achieved with tile that are just not possible with granite” Jones says. He points out the numerous examples where changing tile in a kitchen or bathroom adds real visual interest to a renovation project. 

Pour On The Color 

Don’t be shy with color. In 2018, expect to see more dramatic color designs. “There are beautiful designs that range from deep saturated tones to soft pastels.” Depending on ones design aesthetic, ambient light, and other factors anyone should be able to incorporate color into a project. It doesn’t matter whether a homeowner prefers bold colors or a softer neutral palette, there is a hue to fit anyones style. “Color can be used on everything including cabinetry, walls even including the “fifth wall,” or ceiling” Micheal says.

In 2018, great design need not be a fad. Today’s trends give everyone options to customize a home in a way that reflects the homeowners personality, adds comfort and creates a safer environment. To see examples of how each of these trends can be included in a kitchen or bathroom remodel, visit https://lonestarremodelingdfw.com

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