London Under 55 Retirement Mortgage – Best Tax-Free Equity Home Loans Launched

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Hitachi Credit of London has launched tax-free equity release loans for those under 55, opening new financing avenues for property owners in the United Kingdom.

Hitachi Credit specialises in low-LTV equity release loans from some of the largest mortgage lenders in the UK and smaller, local lenders offering lifetime mortgages and other late life home mortgage products.

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The launch of new equity financing options from Hitachi Credit creates new low-rate financing options for borrowers looking to fund a variety of needs. Available options include under 55 and fixed-rate equity releases, lifetime mortgages and pensioner mortgages.

Equity releases assist homeowners in freeing up capital from their homes without the need to leverage themselves further through additional loans. These options allow homeowners to take full advantage of the rise in property values and make adjustments to their home financing plans. Equity releases also help with tax planning as an individual approaches retirement age and can also serve as a helpful method of transferring ownership of a property.

Hitachi Credit tracks borrower-friendly mortgage financing options from a variety of lenders in the UK. This provides clients with a complete overview of available funding options through mortgage-related solutions including home reversion plans, lifetime mortgages, and others.

The company provides guidance on accessing favourable terms on lump-sum lifetime mortgages from more2life, a nationwide late life lender. Through Hitachi Credit, clients can receive guidance on how to free up to 70% equity from their home with loan options that do not require monthly payments and interest rates as low as 2.32%. Further information on the more2life options available can be found at:

A representative said, “It’s common to find individuals searching for monthly payment lifetime mortgages or lump-sum lifetime mortgages. While it is important to note drawbacks such as reduced inheritance for your family, the impact of entitlements for state benefits, and exposure to changes in interest rates, these options are great for debt settlements and accessing attractive interest rates. Hitachi Credit can help you navigate these options and release tax-free equity from your home while you’re still living in it.”

The Hitachi Credit website lists out several financing options that will be helpful to homeowners who are seeking mortgage options usually accessible by applicants over the age of 55.

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