London UK Remortgage With Bad Credit Rating Broker Services Launched

London, UK-based Polar Mortgages, available on +44-20-3129-4573, launch updated services for customers with low credit scores. The company offer expert brokering in the sub-prime lending market.

Polar Mortgages, remortgage loan specialists based in London, UK, have launched expanded refinancing services. The company offer detailed knowledge of the sub-prime market and expert financial advice, enabling customers to release equity and take advantage of lower rates.

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The launch sees Polar Mortgages harness their expertise in securing remortgages for those with bad credit. Customers with a record of late payments, defaulting, CCJ’s, unauthorised overdrafts and bankruptcy can be hopeful of a deal from amongst the company’s diverse panel of lenders.

These types of bad credit issues are known as adverse entries and can affect personal financial suitability ratings for up to 6 years. This in turn limits the range of loan products available to customers. Polar Mortgages have specialist knowledge regarding which lenders to approach, providing access to a range of broker-only deals.

The Polar Mortgages team can provide in-depth guidance in navigating the complex world of personal credit ratings. The company offer expert advice and knowledge in resolving inaccuracies and making amendments to such records, enabling customers to take control of their personal information and widen the refinancing options available to them.

Customers can access remortgage loans to fund everything from home improvements, debt servicing or school and college fees. Polar Mortgages can offer flexible remortgages, enabling customers to make overpayments with the ability to borrow back at the same rate throughout the term of the loan. The company are sub-prime lending experts, prioritising accessibility for those with adverse financial history. All applicants are subject to an affordability check.

Polar Mortgages are adverse credit remortgage experts based in London, UK. They offer impartial advice, no obligation quotes, and charge no upfront fees for their services.

According to the company website, “It is likely easier than you thought to remortgage with bad credit. It does take a little know-how of the sub-prime market and knowledge of each company’s lending criteria. It will be much easier with an expert broker in your corner to assess your circumstances, explain your options and point you in the right direction.”

Through the launch of their updated services, Polar Mortgages continue to expand their commitment to accessible expertise in the sub-prime lending market. For more information visit

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